30 days of 30

I turned 30 last month and it was a crazy month jam packed with tons of birthday celebrations, travel, and special events.
The celebrations actually kicked off on March 31st.  After we celebrated Theo's 1st birthday, my family successfully pulled off my very first surprise party!  Since my sister was in town and my family knew I would be out of town on my actual birthday, they took the opportunity to pull out all of the amazing 30 decorations, my new favorite shirt, and some awesome presents. We couldn't get too crazy since Easter was the next day, but it was perfect!

Fast forward through a fun Calling All Coyotes auction on Friday April 13th and Dennis and I headed off to Nashville.  Our flight was originally supposed to leave on the 14th but we had some crazy weather so it was pushed until the 15th.  Theo and I both came down with fevers on the 14th so we hunkered down at my parents house and tried to sleep it off until Dennis and I left for the airport on Sunday the 15th.  We landed in Nashville, grabbed our rental car and headed to my best friend Lindsey's house. She and her boyfriend Grahm recently moved to Nashville and they were the best hostesses!

Unfortunately when I woke up on Monday we made a beeline for urgent care because I still had a fever and just felt like garbage. They found strep and ears full of fluid and because I was on vacation and hanging on to the last hours of my 20's, the amazing doc gave me a steroid shot and antibiotics and I started to feel better within hours.  The rest of our trip was spent exploring the city including some fun stops like The Candle Bar, Pinewood Social, Top Golf, and some ridiculously entertaining bars on Broadway.

I woke up to a stack of donuts and coffee on my birthday,the absolute perfect start to a new decade.  We shopped, relaxed, and drank our way through the day.  On Wednesday we made our way to brunch where I had the most delicious iced lavender mocha, birthday scone, and yummy meal.  We said our goodbyes and made our way to the airport to get back home to our babies.
There was something really special about getting to celebrate 30 with Lindsey.  We've been friends for 12 years...we met as 18 year olds our Freshman year of college and have experienced so many ups and downs together since then.  Distance hasn't seemed to shake our friendship and I am so thankful to pick up exactly where we left off whenever we're together.  We'll have a lot more Nashville trips in our future! So much left to explore.
We finished off the month with some work events and another family celebration including presents and brownies.  My sisters got me the most thoughtful gift I've probably ever received. The time and energy they put into creating it had to have been huge and I cannot wait to hang it up in our new house! Oh yea...I should probably post about the fact that we're buying a house! I'm going to do a separate post on the pictures because they are just too good and maybe I'll get crazy and sneak in a post about buying our very. first. house. 

I truly had 30 days to celebrate turning 30 and it was amazing.  I am so excited to take on this new decade, fill it with more adventures, more family time, more relaxation, more life. Cheers to 30 years!


Theo Turns 1!!

I started writing this post WEEKS ago.  Theo is basically a pro at being 1 now but I certainly don't want to miss out on documenting this milestone. 
Ah my sweet baby Theo...how are you 1?!?!?!? I feel like the minute you turned one, you have changed into a moving and grooving little boy who is SO BIG.  We celebrated you a lot for your big first birthday, so let's get down to a recap.
The weekend before your birthday, March 23-25th, we had some very special visitors in town. Not only did you get to see a set of grandparents, 2 aunts, and an uncle, but you got to meet your sweet cousin Lukas for the first time!  You loved him and showed your affection with some aggressive pats...we're working on being gentle because you have an arm on you and your swats have brought me to tears a time or two.  We had a 'Fun to Be One' themed party for you and you had your very first taste of ice cream which you loved. No surprise there kiddo. Ice cream is life.
You were spoiled with some fun toys and adorable clothes and lots of playtime.  We loved every minute of it.  You are starting to get a little more shy and cautious of others but you never fail to show off your sweet smile and you can usually be coaxed into a game of peek a boo.  You loved all of the activity of having visitors in town and I think you especially enjoyed having a cousin around that's littler than you! Between Lukas one weekend and Emarie the next, you loved having more babies to play with!
A few days later came your actual birthday! The 3 of us woke you up with lots of singing and you absolutely lit up.  I took no pictures whatsoever because I just loved soaking up your face as we sang and focused on you and only you.  
Like a true birthday boy who can do whatever he wants, you opted to make taking your picture in your adorable birthday shirt nearly impossible. You wanted nothing to do with being held and just wanted to GO! You turned 1 after all.  You headed to daycare to celebrate with your friends until we got to reunite for a community Easter Egg hunt that afternoon.  Once you found 2 eggs you could bang together, you were perfectly content just hanging out on the grass and watching the action around you.  Your brother was a little more into the whole celebration this year and managed to get enough candy for all of us to share.
We spent the evening with our little unit, opening presents, and celebrating you, our sweet T-Bear. A few days later we had MORE visitors in town and celebrated with a bear themed party complete with a bear smash cake and all the buffalo plaid. You opted for a late nap so by the time you finally woke up, we were ready to get the party started.  You loved soaking up all the attention, opening presents, and eating all the sugar.


This year has flown by faster than I ever imagined it would.  You are growing up so fast...measuring 30 inches and weighing in at a healthy 25 lbs.  You've been getting your molars in this month which is kicking your butt and you had strep throat + an ear infection shortly after your birthday.  You aren't walking yet but I have a feeling you could if you reeaally tried. You just really enjoy being held right now (if I'm anywhere within 100 yards) or crawling all over the house pushing cars and trucks around.  You are sweet as pie and love to cuddle still which is my favorite.  You're still a stellar sleeper, eat anything and everything, and love milk.  All the kids at daycare are completely enamored with you and Duke recently informed us that you are his best friend.  Watching the two of you grow up together is simply the best!

I love you to the moon and back Theodorable. You are an absolute joy and I am so happy to be your mama.  This year is going to have so many fun things in store for you and I can't wait to take you on new adventures!



Ever since Duke started talking, he would pronounce most words by dropping the first letter or swapping T's for K's.  His beloved cows is "ows", Daddy is "addy", Grandpa is "ampa", Grandma is just "ma", baby brother is "EO".  Milk is"melt", when something broke it "breakt", Capone is 'mone' and my absolutely favorite is that Duke thinks his name is 'Ute (pronounced "oot").
Duke is my wild child. He is full of big personality coupled with the biggest heart. He is so sweet and caring.  He loves to climb on everything, has one volume (LOUD), and a great imagination.  Before he mastered climbing out of his crib, he would sit and play with his stuffed animals for forever before calling for us to come get him.  Talking to them, rocking them to sleep, covering them up with their "binks" (blanket).  Bedtime has gotten a little tougher lately. He's much more sensitive about the "dart" (dark) and wants his door open.

He has so many little routines and quirks right now that I don't want to forget.  We always read the Superhero Rules at least 2 times before he goes to sleep.  The second he gets his coat on at daycare, he asks for his treat, Smarties and tootsie rolls are always top choice, with dumdum suckers coming in 3rd.  He recently started sneaking 2 treats and we think it's so funny we've been letting it slide. totally going to regret it later but look at that face! When I ask him who he played with, he nearly always lists for 4 same kids, "Ash" his cousin Ashlan, "Ae" his cousin Shelan, "Na" his friend Anna, and "Riley" (one name he totally gets!). Did he have a fun day? "YEA".

At least once a week he asks for "boball" (basketball) and "ampa" (my dad).  I can't wait until it warms up because he's been begging for "ractor" (tractor) and "ows".  It's going to be a really fun Spring watching him let loose at the farm. Whenever we're at my parents when it gets dark out, he yells "Niiiighhht! 'Ows" over and over again as we leave.  He's most definitely got a little bit of my Grandpa Moose in him.
Duke loves to 'elp whenever he can whether it's mixing things in the kitchen, "washing" dishes, vacuuming or feeding Capone.  He likes to help feed Theo and actually does a great job with his baby food.  He always asks if diapers are "gross?" when we change he and Theo and likes to practice going on the potty.
We recently upgraded him to a big boy bed and it's been an interesting experiment.  He demands that we 'LAY DOWN LAY DOWN LAY DOWN' and 50% of the time he's crawling into our bed in the middle of the night. We bring him back to his room unless it's after 6 a.m. and then I just snuggle him until we go get ready.  He loves to play in the bathroom while I'm getting ready, whether he's counting all of the Band-Aids in a box ("one, free one! 'ive 'ix 'eight!") or washing his hands 47 times, it's a mad dash to get myself ready for work and keep him alive before Theo wakes up and I've lost all chance at not having someone attached to my body.
Some people tell us we are in the thick of it right now and if that's true, we are truly soaking up every crazy, 'STOP pushing your brothers face into the carpet!' moment.  #thisistwo

Happy Friday everyone!


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