So you want to start a blog, eh?

This was the question I asked myself this morning and the following dialogue all took place up inside my pretty little head. 


Lazy brain: But why? Blogs take work. And if nobody reads them, all I’ve got is a glorified online journal my future spawn might stumble upon and then they’ll be privy to all of my deepest darkest secrets.

Creative brain: You don’t really have any good secrets.  You make most of them up.

Lazy brain: Touché my creative counterpart. 

Creative brain: Seriously it’s getting crowded up here so YOU SHOULD START A BLOG TODAY.

Lazy brain: If this doesn’t work out, you know it’s your fault right? 

Creative brain:   -_-  {yes, my creative brain makes faces}

So that brings us to now.  Welcome to Our Little Corner of the World.  This is the brain child of a plethora of different creative writing ventures I’ve thought of over the years. And I promise to pay more attention to it than I did a similar venture I started after college. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing in any aspect of my life back then so it was difficult to put a few sentences together let alone many sentences that could constitute an interesting blog post.   While I think there are some salvageable pieces I can recycle over here, I want this blog to showcase this amazing journey that I’m currently on. I have a bit more direction these days and I’m knee deep in the middle of planning my dream wedding with my amazing fiancé.  Our little corner of the world currently orbits around a 57 lb English Bulldog named Capone.  We are making our way towards our Big Fat Greek- Italian- Irish- Norwegian- German wedding and beyond.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride. :)


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