Future 'House Husband'

I've joked a lot with D this week and last that if I could just get a raise at work, he would make a lovely 'house husband.'  While I've been working crazy hours and he's been applying for new jobs, he's been cleaning every corner of the house. I am so thankful to truly have a partner in this life.  He is there to pick up the slack on things I just can't manage and he is always encouraging me to cut myself a little slack and believe in my abilities.  I truly would be lost without him!

We continue to pray that he finds a good job with a company that brings a lot of positivity into his life.  He has a lot to offer and I have no doubt he will find something when the time is right.

On a completely different note, I am getting so anxious to decorate for Christmas!! We haven't gathered a whole lot of fall decorations yet and since we will be gone for so much of December we are really looking forward to getting our decorations up so we can enjoy them as long as possible. I am soooo looking forward to this holiday season.  Thanksgiving will be spent here with D's family and Christmas will be back in SD with mine.  This season is our last as an 'unmarried' couple and each month we get more and more excited for what next year has in store for us.  2013 has been filled with far more blessing than heartache and we remind ourselves of that daily!

I hope you all are having a truly wonderful week and remembering the important things in this life.  Tomorrow we are going to D's great aunt Rosie's funeral and it's times like that, that truly remind us to hold our loved ones close and gain perspective.

Happy Wednesday to you all! Good job on making it over the hump of another work week. :)


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