D is in the Army Reserves and once a month he meets up with his Unit and does "Army stuff" as I like to call it because I truly have no idea what they do.  This weekend was one of those weekends.  He played flag football last night after drill and by the time he got home it was nearly midnight. He had left all of his stuff from both Army and football in the car, knowing he was going to repeat the same routine in 7 short hours.

This morning he went out to find that his car had been broken into somehow and his backpack full of a computer and Army paperwork as well as his football bag that unfortunately included his wallet, were stolen.  Our immediate reaction was panic and we started calling all of the people you call in a situation like this: police, bank, insurance carrier, etc.  We got almost everything "taken care of" and I started to break down a little.  We've had a rough couple of weeks.  Yes, we have our health, our home, and our little family.  We are healthy.  The majority of the things taken were just that..."things."  But it's still a violation.  It's a violation of our space, our lives, our "home" practically since the parking lot is just out front of our apartment.

We will get through this like we will get through everything.  I pray for strength every day to face life's challenges.  What I hope these people understand though is that Karma is real and very powerful.  They will get what is coming to them.  And in the meantime, we will continue to be happy for everything we have and cherish the things that no one can take away from us.

It's been 3.5 hours since we found out what had happened and that is all the time we are going to devote to that incident today.  We are going to move forward, watch football, hang out with my sister, cook up some deeeelicious pork loin, and spend time together.  We are going to take this Sunday back and put it to work.  I hope you all are having "less exciting" weekends!


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