The First of the Month

The first day of every month is so exciting to me.  I love the feeling of a fresh start and I LOVE getting to turn to a new page on my calendar.  Everything feels new to me on the first day of the month. I don't focus on the fact that rent is due, I focus on the fact that I get to have another monthly-anniversary with my guy and that I get to countdown yet another month on our wedding countdown, etc.

So, I figured it's better late than never to wish you all a Happy November.  Don't wait until Thanksgiving to focus on everything you're thankful for.  Start today.  And if you're like me, your day started off with a pretty red cup, a small reminder that the holiday season is among us!  So exciting :)

I am really looking forward to this weekend!  After a couple hours of work tomorrow, I get to go wedding dress and bridesmaids dress shopping with one of my absolute besties!  Sunday is going to be full of family time and some relaxation.  Perfect way to unwind, catch up with good people, and refocus ourselves a little before another crazy week begins!

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