Yummy dinner ideas

The other night I got home after a long day and wanted something comforting, delicious, and easy for dinner. Enter Kraft to save the day. Please note this post is entirely my own thoughts and opinions I want to share because the meal was so good.
All this meal required of me was some chicken, pasta, and mozzarella cheese.  I didn't have any spinach to add like it recommends but I'm sure that would have made it even better.  There are two sauces in the mix.  One you use with the chicken and one with the pasta.  It makes such a delicious, creamy, hearty combination.

I wish I had taken a picture of the finish product but I got distracted by eating it. :)  If you are looking for quick and easy dinner ideas, head to the store and pick up some of these! You can really customize it to whatever you like and it is sure to please any member of the family. 

Happy cooking!

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