Back to basics: beer and leftovers go a long way!

Last night was all about relaxation and couch time.  D had an interview in the afternoon and I had a typical day at work.  When I got home, I had him fill me in on the interview details {he has a second interview on Friday!}  and I filled him in on my day at work.  I was able to get in some quality catch up time with one of my besties on the phone and by the time I got off the phone, D and I were starving.

He could tell by my facial expressions and overall lack of enthusiasm that I didn't really feel like cooking so we did what any normal couple does in a situation like this and raided the fridge for leftovers!  Ha! I am never excited about leftovers, let me tell you, but something about the simplicity of merely heating things up, really hit the spot tonight.  D had leftover pasta jambalaya {he made this for me last night and it was AMAZING!} and I had leftover pizza.  We cracked open two Angry Orchard hard cider beers and snuggled up on the couch to catch up on NCIS and NCIS: LA.  Perfection.
Today he is running for Fiance of the Year.  He dropped me off at work so he could take my car to get it's oil changed {way over due} and I got to use one of the Starbucks gift cards he gave me for Christmas to get myself a delicious treat on the way to work.  I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday-Eve!


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