Football Sunday!

This weekend was exactly what I needed. I spent Saturday cleaning the house and doing laundry and then I went to a hair appointment to test out some potential wedding looks! My sister came with and we had a lot of fun...we think we're close to finding the "final" look!
After the appointment we walked around some different stores to see if we could find any wedding shoes...this area is still a work in progress but I found some fun ideas.
We had dinner at an awesome Mexican restaurant in cherry creek and then headed back to my apartment to drink sangria and have girl time. She played around with my hair to test out different styles and we put on fake eyelashes to see if I want them for the big day! 
{Sunday morning recovery after a night filled with sangria and margaritas!}
D has been in Utah all weekend for army stuff so it was nice to have some girl time and keep busy. Today I am babysitting and getting ready to watch the big Bronco game!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!
{Loving my Christmas Present: Peyton Manning Jersey!}

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