Super Bowl Party Food- Buffalo Chicken Dip!

I am posting one of my favorite Super Bowl snack recipes today for the Super Bowl Party Food link-up!  I don't have that many posts yet with recipes so I can't link to them but this one is a must-share!

My sister always makes the best buffalo chicken dip and the recipe she uses was her best friend Ashley’s.  Ashley passed away a couple of years ago and every time my sister or someone else in the family makes this, we think of Ashley and the absolutely amazing person she was.  This dish is a perfect appetizer/snack for Super Bowl parties.  I love when I have a recipe that is nostalgic and warms up my belly and my soul.  

{I wanted to share Ashley’s original recipe card in her hand writing :) }

In my family, we prefer this dish to be baked, however, you can also cook it up in a crock pot so it will stay warm throughout your Super Bowl celebration.  {We’ve also baked it and then transferred it to a crock pot to stay warm…something about baking it just tastes better than starting it all in a crock pot!}
I am so excited to join this link up today and check out some delicious recipes!!

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