Today is a special day…

Today my heart overflows with love for my new baby niece, Ashlan Grace. She was born at 10:58 PM Central time on January 27th, 2014. She came in weighing a healthy 9 pounds 12 ounces. She is perfect. 

My sister Michelle is nothing short of a rock star. She was induced early yesterday morning and she powered through hours and hours of labor. {after already going into “false” labor a week and a half ago and having on and off contractions ever since}.

One of my favorite things that Michelle and Kyle have done with their two baby girls is not tell us the name until she is born. I absolutely love the anticipation and excitement. I was texting my mom over and over again “What’s her name?! What’s her NAME?!” and finally got to hear it when we called and she put us {me and my other sister Jen} on speaker phone.
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In 17 short days I will get to snuggle that little bundle of joy and shower her with a million auntie kisses. Being an auntie is one of my greatest joys in life. I absolutely love Shélan and Ashlan and I will soak in every second I get to spend with them!
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Today also marks 130 days until the big day! I feel like Wedding Day 2014 is going to be here sooo soon and I’m really trying to get all my ducks in a row! We checked a big item off of our to-do list this weekend when we placed the order for our invitations!! I love the way that they look and I was thrilled to use a 35% off and free shipping coupon on the order. Keeping things within or under budget is a big priority for me and this was definitely accomplished with the invites. SO EXCITED!
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On another note, last night we made a loooong trek to the VA Hospital downtown Denver to get D’s staples taken out. It was less than an easy process {for him…all I did was sit and watch} but they are all officially out and he can continue the healing process now without all that mess! The VA Hospital is only 3 short miles from my sister Jen’s house so she invited us over for an AMAZING dinner of Cajun Chicken Pasta! It was soo good. She got the recipe here. I highly recommend it! The snow/weather conditions are making driving around these parts a huge pain but it was nice to get some quality sister time in after the usual 25 minute drive to the VA took 1 hour 40 minutes.

Tonight we have more fun things on the agenda! We are going to check out the hotel where we will be staying on the wedding night, meeting with the priest to get more things in order, and then having dinner with an awesome friend of mine. We used to work together and he moved a couple hours away last year and we hardly get to see each other so it will be awesome to catch up! After that D will head to work and I will head home to relax and catch up on the DVR ;)

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Happy Tuesday All!

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