All Things Valentine's!

This Valentine’s Day is a little different for D and I because we won’t see each other much on the actual day.  We are hoping to work in an early-bird dinner date before I hop on a plane to South Dakota to finally meet “A”! {a.k.a. My new baby niece}

I found these adorable headbands on Etsy {Laura Beth Creations} that I had to get for A and then D and I were at Target on Monday night {Ohh how I loathe the fact that we go in for one thing and come out with 20 things only to realize we forgot dog food} and I found some super adorable and super affordable Valentine’s goodies for everyone else.  I got this hot pink heart pillow for S along with this cute little heart bucket that I plan to fill with chocolatey treats AND this book that was only $3.99!

These little red cards + envelopes were in the dollar bin so no complaint there!  D and I got some candy for ourselves to put around the house and then I picked up some delicious snickers hearts for some special people. 
My work peeps will get a treat of Funfetti Valentine’s cupcakes in cute little heart cupcake wrappers.  And I think my mission to put everyone in the near vicinity of me into a sugar coma by end of day Friday is complete!

I cannot wait for my parents to pick me up at the airport on Friday night and drop me off at my sister’s place.  I am in DESPERATE need of some baby snuggles…this auntie does not like to wait to meet new baby nieces!
Tonight D and I are taking it easy.  He has to go to a class at our friend's church so that he can officially become a Godfather to his best friend's little boy and I am going to enjoy a glass of wine and cook up some yummy dinner!

Happy Wednesday All!

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