Hostess Envy

My friend Kristin is amazing ... I went to her house on Saturday night for dinner and had a serious case of hostess envy.  She and her husband Jeff bought a gorgeous house up in the mountains and they have decorated it down to the last detail.  I am so happy for them and I absolutely LOVE their home.  It has me soooo excited for the day that D and I can buy our first home and really make it our own and then host awesome dinners like these two!  
 The view driving up to their house...breathtaking!
 Beautiful table scape

 Aaaamazing short ribs.  Excuse the blurriness I was just really excited to eat. :)
I got some after dinner snuggles with their pups, Lily and Walter.

We had a really great night catching up complete with homemade ice cream and lots of wine.  I truly believe nights like that are good for the soul and it left me feeling refreshed and ready to take on another week!

Happy Monday all :) Tonight is all about organizing the house!

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