Life these days

D and I have seriously had an amazing week!  We spent last weekend in South Dakota to celebrate my beautiful little niece Ashlan's baptism. Dennis and I are her godparents and we are beyond thrilled to help this little nugget along in her journey with God and her faith.  It is truly an honor. 

We got back on Monday night and jumped straight into a crazy work week.  We found out that Dennis was offered a job he interviewed for last week!  We are soo insanely excited and I am really proud of him.  He worked his butt off at two jobs to help us out over the past 5 months since he lost his job and I am happy his hard work has finally paid off and he can stick to 1 job and more quality time with me and the fur baby.  I cannot wait to get our Friday night date nights back!

In other job news, I was offered a job today!  It's with my same company but it's a bit of a promotion and I'm hoping it's leading me towards another big promotion in the near future.  I am loving the fact that I can build my career with this company and it's always nice to see hard work pay off!  Connections seriously make all the difference in this world. 

This weekend I am going to start celebrating my sister's birthday with her :)  Her actual birthday is Wednesday so we're getting a bit of a head start on Sunday with a bottomless mimosa brunch downtown Denver.  I. Cannot. Wait.

I hope life has been just as amazing for all of you!  This is one of the best 'start of Spring' weeks ever and we are soaking it up!

Until next time...

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