Sunday Favorites

When the snow starts falling, I automatically want to turn into a bear and hibernate.  I want fires, soup, and snuggles with my two favorite guys.  To celebrate all of my favorite winter time things, I wanted to make today a little special. 

D had a morning meeting at his second-job so I headed to the grocery store and picked up some supplies for a perfect, hibernation-worthy Sunday with the hubs and puppy.  When I got home, I immediately cranked up the country music station on TV and started cleaning and cooking in the kitchen.  Pretty soon, our apartment was filling up with the most delicious cinnamon aroma...heaven.

When he got home, he caught me setting everything up...

We had Cinnabon brand cinnamon rolls, perfectly crispy oven-baked bacon, scrambled eggs, grapes, and apple cider mimosas (complete with cinnamon & sugar rim). 

All that's left on the agenda today is praying for a Broncos win and cooking up some delicious pot roast in the crock pot! 

Happy happy Sunday!

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