6 Month Anniversary + Decking The Halls

I had a great week at work last week but I was still more than ready for this weekend to arrive.  Friday night I was long over due for a night out and I had a blast catching up with friends and enjoying a few cold beers.  On Saturday I went to a baby shower and then babysat for some really cute kiddos- fantastic way to watch kids movies, play games, and make some extra cash on the side.

Today was much more eventful and an overall fantastic day with my little family.  D had a meeting at work this morning so I got to ease into my day with a festive cup of coffee and puppy snuggles.
 We may or may not have purchased this fantastic hat at Target today.
When he was finished we made a quick stop at the storage unit to pick up our Christmas decorations and then stopped at Target to get a million more.  I'm obsessed with all the cute stuff we picked up! 
We started decorating, but we're saving the tree for tomorrow, on account of we are stuffed to the brim after an amazing dinner date at Carmine's on Penn. My sister Jen got us a gift certificate for our wedding and we were so excited to get to use it for our 6 month anniversary...they have been nothing short of amazing.  I'll summarize all that in a million pictures...
 Love our new snow globe!

 Branch bundle and candles everywhere.
 This potpourri smells so delicious.
The puppy got some pjs :)
 Great wreath from Target last year.
 Tried and true favorites on the mantel...a certain puppy already has some treats in his stocking!
 Celebratory drink.
It's going to be a Merry Merry Christmas!
I got distracted by eating and only remembered to take a picture of our amazing sausage and peppers.  We also had yummy garlic rolls, caesar salad, and baked ziti.  #foodcoma

Needless to say, the Felecos household had a fantastic weekend.  Now to get some rest before an awesome 4-day work week (Friday off!).  Happy Sunday!

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