38 weeks 3 days

So I've heard from pretty much every pregnant woman on the planet that the last few weeks or month of pregnancy last roughly 3483151 days and isn't exactly the most comfortable time in one's life.  I have to admit that I sort of agree.  One thing that makes the last few weeks go by a bit quicker is planning a move at 37 weeks.  {horrible idea btw- not actually recommended}  Although I do think that it helped to just now have his room ready to go- I can't imagine seeing all of his stuff setup for weeks and weeks without going crazy with impatience!

What surprised me the most about these last few weeks was the ridiculous change in comfort level from week 37 to week 38.  The baby most certainly "dropped" as they call it, so every single step I take is wicked uncomfortable.  I get the whole bowling ball reference now, ladies.

The thing about pregnancy {and maybe everything}, though, is that you have to let people experience it themselves.  Advice is good and all but sometimes it's frustrating to be constantly told how things are going to be before they happen {not to mention every pregnancy is different!}.  No matter how many times someone tells you what something will be like or how many articles you read- you really don't know how something is going to go or how you're going to react to it until you're actually experiencing it.  And that's a good thing!  Because living life vicariously through other people is lame and just because it happened to someone else, doesn't mean it will happen to you.  Anyway, today has been a fantastic day so I'd like to share a glimpse of what 38 weeks and 3 days is looking like in our household.
From Friday- officially 38 weeks
7:30 a.m.- move everything into the kitchen and on top of the bed so carpets can be cleaned
8 a.m.- go to 38 week prenatal appointment- find out some progress is being made but get reminded 4 million times not to get too excited because he will come when he's ready and that could be weeks
10 a.m.- take the fur-child to grandma's so he doesn't kill the carpet cleaners
11 a.m.- go to the hospital for an appointment to pre-register -- think about the fact that the next time we're there will be BABY TIME!
12 p.m.- lunch with awesome former co-workers - eat delicious tacos and countdown the days until I can drink a margarita again {just being honest}
2 p.m.- pre-natal massage!
3:30 p.m.- come home to clean carpets + What to Expect When You're Expecting on TV + couch time

Today is such a good day. Exactly the calm, semi-productive, all about "me-time" day.  I highly recommend a day(s) like that in the last few weeks of pregnancy, because no matter who you are or how awesome/horrible your pregnancy has been, there is no denying the fact that "me-time" will be hard to come by once that sweet baby arrives.


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