Monday Musings

#1- I'm realizing there are some major benefits that come along with a baby having a 3-hour routine that repeats over and over again {eat, play, sleep...repeat} of those things is getting a whole bunch of do-overs on any given day.  We generally don't need them, and for that I am thankful, BUT we have our days when my sweet boy is screeeeaming bloody murder 3 inches from my face, and I remind myself that once I get him to sleep, I can start fresh on the next cycle.  It's generally all I need to keep from losing my mind.  I don't have to try again tomorrow, I get to try again in a few short hours.  And in those hours I've usually got my boy snuggled up against me to ensure he gets a good nap and when he wakes up I get to see a big gummy smile that makes my heart explode.

#2- I'm pretty sure we just saw the 6-week growth spurt come and go {I have a giant baby on my hands to prove it} and I have to say that although the extra feedings and ultra-fussiness can be frustrating, the extra sleepy, snuggly baby I get out of it makes it all oh so worth it. 

#3- Bath time tonight and bath time throwback! Look at this face...he is getting SO BIG!  It is so rewarding seeing him grow and thrive off of mama's milk alone and so bittersweet that he's growing so dang fast. 

2 weeks 2 days.  11/8/2015
6 weeks 2 days!  12/7/2015
#4- Pinterest WIN- Chicken Bacon Garlic Alfredo Roll Ups found here!  Ignore how terrible my pictures are and focus on the fact that you need to ditch the diet and make this ASAP. It was unreal delicious.  My husband said he fell in love with me alllll over again over this dish.  Wins all around.


 #5- First big walk with my boy took place the other day.  I opted for Starbucks Duke did so well on the 3 mile trek!  He loves being outside and only fussed a bit because he was tired but way too distracted to actually sleep.

Hope you all are having a lovely start to the week!

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