A Facelift!

I have really been enjoying the time I can put into this blog space lately so I decided to spend a little time giving it a new look!  Thanks to the wonderful creative minds at 17th Avenue, we have a fresh look AND I decided on a new name! 

It's no secret that motherhood has changed me a bit {hopefully for the better} and more than ever, I am focused on living a positive, optimistic life.  I want Duke to grow up in a home that makes him always feel safe and loved. I want him to always be learning and exploring. I want him to take chances and not be afraid to fail.  All of that stems from the foundation that Dennis and I build for our family and a huge part of that, is remaining strong and optimistic, regardless of what challenges we face.  It takes a village, and I hope our village overflows with strong faith and lots of love.

The Optimistic Duke is my space to talk all things family, food, fun and faith.  Although I promise not everything revolves around the letter F... That just happened on its own.  :). 

Thanks for reading!  Until next time...


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