I've seen a lot of these 'Currently' posts on different blogs lately and I love the idea of it!  Plus my brain power is running at about 40% today...Duke is still getting over his first cold and coughing so often during the night and I wake up every single time.  Thank God he usually sleeps right through it so he's at least getting the rest he needs.  He's also still teething like a madman AND I think we might be in the thick of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.  He usually is easily comforted with his paci but it still means going into his room to put it back in and then crawling back into bed while hoping and praying that does that trick.  Either way, we're waking up far too many times each night BUT I can't help but love the snuggles whenever I get them.   Tired or not, if this boy needs me, I want him to know I'll be there to comfort him however I can!

Here's what's currently going on in my world...

Currently Reading:

Little Bee.  I'm only a few chapters into this book but I'm hooked.  Like kicking myself each morning because I stayed up way too late again reading this book.  I'll do a full review as soon as I finish, but if you want to start reading it now you can buy it here {Prime eligible}! 

Currently Listening to:

Garth Brooks!  I bought 2 of his classic CD's {yes, I still listen to CD's} from 2nd and Charles for $8 total a couple weeks ago and I've been loving jamming out to them whenever I'm in the car.  I never get sick of Garth!



Currently Indulging in:

Ice Cream/Dessert.  All. The. Time.  Like I think I need to enroll in some sort of Dessert Eaters Anonymous program.  Anyone have healthy dessert alternatives I could test out??  Lord knows my current habit is not helping shrink my waistline.

Currently Drinking:

Coffee.  All the coffee.  Remember the teething, 4 month sleep regression, and lingering first cold?

Currently Eating:

Stuffed Peppers! Full recipe will be up tomorrow.  These have been on weekly rotation now since I first made them last month. #obsessed

Currently Watching:

Fixer Upper!  I'm so obsessed with this show it's not even funny.  I get their emails/newsletters, read their blog, follow them on Instagram, want to buy everything from their store, want to be their best friends meet them etc. etc.

Also Scandal- I almost wish I wasn't watching this season in real time because I had so much fun binge-watching the first few seasons while on Maternity Leave Part I.

Currently Needing:

A new hairstyle!  I want to do something different but I'm hesitant to do anything that will require too much maintenance/money {highlights}, and I want to keep the length.  Help! 

Currently Wearing:

Yoga pants and tank tops on repeat.  Comfort is key when I'm home with Duke and let's face it I change out of any cute outfit I'm in the second I walk in the door to avoid it being covered in dog hair.  I think I need this shirt.

Currently Excited About:

Duke took a bottle from Dennis last night with NO ISSUES!  He started regressing a bit shortly after his 2-month birthday and went from taking bottles like a champ to absolutely despising them and SCREAMING his poor little head off any time we would try to offer him one.  I had read a lot about bottle refusal around that time frame so we kept at it and thankfully he did fine while I was back at work for 2 weeks {no mama=no available boobs}.  When I got laid off, I slacked a bit about pumping in the evenings and we were back to struggling each time we offered the bottle.  Anyway, I'm not assuming we are entirely out of the woods but it was a dream to cook dinner last night in happy silence vs. listening to my poor boy get so worked up over eating.

Currently Avoiding:

Laundry.  Will I ever get over my hatred of laundry? Or do I just need to wait until my current and future kiddos are old enough to make that their #1 chore?

What about you?  Join in on the fun in the comments section...what are you currently reading/avoiding/needing? I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Wednesday!


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