Duke and Capone {Human baby vs. Fur baby}

If you've been dying to see far too many pictures of my baby and my dog, this post is for you!  I wanted to touch on the relationship between our first {fur} child and his human sidekick.  I have to admit, I have seen so many pictures of babies and puppies snuggled up together that I had pretty high hopes for Duke and Capone.  Unfortunately, although we have some cute pictures of the two "cuddled" up together, they're really all just examples of how close Capone needs to be to me regardless of whether or not his brother happens to be there.

MOM! This kid is in the way of your lap...
Capone is so so jealous of Duke.  I can't say I blame him and I shouldn't be surprised.  Capone has been spoiled rotten and was always the center of attention.  Especially during the last few months of my pregnancy, when I was logging some serious couch time hours. His whole world turned upside down the night I went into labor and he's still trying to figure out his place in our larger family.


Duke is starting to notice Capone a lot more these days and he seems genuinely curious about his fur-brother.  He reaches up and touches him when Capone is hovering over him during floor playtime and I can't help but hold my breath, hoping and praying that Duke doesn't grab Capone's face or do anything that might spook him.  Such a fine balance between letting them get to know each other and keeping them both safe from any incidents
Checking out some tiny hands
On a few occasions Capone will do a really low growl when Duke and I are playing and he's sitting next to us.  I can't figure out if some of Duke's sounds freak him out or if he's just being a jerk.  Anyone have advice on this?
I'm not going to look at you mom, but I'll scoot my butt as close as possible to you.

As soon as Duke is in bed for the night, the scene usually looks like this {after I rush around and do whatever random chores I have the energy for}...wine and puppy snuggles.  Sometimes Dennis even gets some attention...sorry babe. 

Capone's pouting face after I told him he couldn't sit ON TOP of Duke and I while I was feeding Duke.
I love how sweet Capone is to me and how much he just wants to be near me and I hope he has the same relationship with Duke someday.

This is the regular view I have when Capone sneaks behind me to nap while I blog/apply for jobs/pay bills. hahaha
Both boys are happy when we're on walks and thankfully this happens a lot more with all of the beautiful weather we've been having!

If anyone has advice on nurturing the bond between fur-babies and human-babies, I am all ears!  I really want them to be best buds someday.

Until next time!


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