Duke Anthony Felecos- 5 months old!

To:  Duke, Bubbas, my little love, my handsome boy, little nugget,

I typed 4 months old 3 times in the title before I finally got it right with the 5...how, my sweet boy, are you 5 months old!?  Something about it seems so much different than 4 months old.  Maybe it's because next month you'll officially be 6 months old- 1/2 through your first year of life!  You can just find me in a pile of blubbery tears over here, holding on to all of the 3-6 month clothes you've already outgrown.  AH, I digress.  Let's talk about all of the WONDERFUL things about you my little nugget.

I have a feeling I will never stop being amazed at all of the things you do.  Watching you learn new tricks and reach milestones makes my heart burst- I am so proud of you and I love seeing you proud of yourself.  You love to grab your toes and move yourself all over your play mat, but you haven't quite mastered the back to front roll yet {you are so so close!}.  You LOVE to stand up with assistance, obviously, and you grab anything and everything within reach and stick it in your mouth.  Your two teeth are getting bigger and they are SHARP. You could probably bite the tip of my finger OFF completely if I didn't yank it out of your mouth.

You are starting to get more comfortable again with other people holding you, much to the delight of our family and friends.  You also love to show your sweet smile to strangers when we are out and about and everyone comments on how big your eyes are and how adorable you are!

Your changing table is still one of your favorite places to be in the house.  You get so excited, dance and twist around and squeal with delight, whether you're getting a diaper or outfit change or getting ready for naps/bedtime.

It's been a little tougher getting you to fall asleep on your own this month.  You still do it but there are more tears than I would like...you used to just coo and talk yourself to sleep and now you cry out and look towards the door to see if it was enough to get me to come back in the room.  Sneaky, sneaky boy.  Last night though, you had your best night's sleep EVER and slept for 11 hours straight!!  You still wake up without making a sound, though, in the mornings except for a quick cough.  It's so funny.  You just lay in there and play and then look so happily surprised when I come in the room to get you.  Your smile alone makes me a morning person.

You are so cute and your smile is unbelievable.  I never knew how it would feel to have my baby looking up at me and smiling like I hung the moon, but holy crap it's amazing.  Being your mama is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done.  You are such a joy and I know I am beyond lucky and blessed to be with you each and every day.  I love you the most, my sweet baby Duke, always and forever.  Thank you for another amazing month!  Slow down this next one for me, k?

-Mama T-
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