Easter 2016 Rewind

As much as Duke really wanted to dye Easter eggs this year, I told him I really think it'd be better if he waited until next year when he can pick up the cup of dye and pour it all over himself on purpose vs. just accidentally flailing his arms to and fro.  He made a screeching sound at me in response, so I think he agrees!  Seriously some days the sounds he practices are adorable coos and ahhhs and other days, he sounds like a baby dinosaur that might attack at any moment. 
Duke's Easter basket from his South Dakota Grandma and Grandpa {My parents}
Anyway!  We got all dressed up in our Sunday best for church service Easter morning.  {We are THE WORST at going to church on a regular basis and I tell myself time and time again that we will get better, and then we're all snuggled up in bed at 8:30 Sunday morning playing and giggling and another 9 a.m. mass opportunity slips on by.}  Yesterday, however, we were bright eyed, adequately caffeinated and so excited to celebrate the big man upstairs.  The service was nice, but very long and kids and adults alike were getting very antsy towards the end.  Duke was thankfully a champ, he slept through most of the service and was happy when he woke up.

These two matching cuties make my heart oh so happy.
I was really happy we got to see my sister, brother in law, and nephew at church since we wouldn't be spending the rest of the day with them.  We snapped this lovely photo in the super bright sun after mass.  Squinty eyes will have to do.

Duke got a few new toys in his Easter basket this year and I thiiiink from the photographic proof below, the Easter bunny nailed it.  His Nonni and Opa {Dennis' mom and step-dad} got him a teddy bear that sings a nighttime prayer, and an egg carton toy that teaches numbers and colors in 3 languages!
Monkey // Elephant
Giggling Lion- From Target but not available online // Night Night Bear (similar)
Egg Carton
Duke isn't the only one who got special treats from the Easter bunny at our house...my AMAZING husband had secretly played Easter bunny for both of us {mainly me} and I was so surprised to see my own Easter basket sitting on the table Easter morning.  He had made up an excuse to run errands with Duke on Saturday and I didn't think anything of it because he mentioned it was for my birthday coming up in a few weeks.  Instead, he was stocking up on gifts for our Easter morning...he got me this planner to use for my new business venture, a new tote/makeup bag, my FAVORITE chocolate treats and two pairs of comfy pants.  He's the best ever.

He had to stock up his own basket with a little candy. :)

Breakfast after mass and dinner were spent at Dennis' aunt and uncles house.  We snuck home in between so all of my boys could take naps and we could change out of our church clothes.  It was such an awesome day filled with quality family time, deeelicious food {sausage pie, ravioli, cheesecake, and way too many cookies}, and games.  Holidays are so much sweeter with Duke in the mix!

And for fun, Easter 2015 vs. Easter 2016!  I was obviously pregnant for Easter 2015 but we hadn't officially announced it yet so it was still our little secret.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Happy Monday!

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