D has the day off today and I am SO EXCITED for a 3-day weekend with my amazing little family.  The highlight will most definitely be Easter on Sunday!  Duke's first Easter basket is all ready to-go and stocked with every essential a 5-month old could possible need.  Just kidding, I don't fit in the basket.

Here are 5 things I am LOVING on this oh so Good Friday.

{1}  Easter Baskets! Speaking of Duke's Easter basket, here it is.  So. Stinking. Cute!  I bought it at Pottery Barn online but I'm not seeing it on their website anymore.
{2}  Husband of the Year.  I shared this on my Instagram {follow me @trishfelecos} earlier this week and I have to give my husband props again.  I seriously can't brag on this man enough.  Duke was struggling all day on Monday with some teething pain and couldn't nap for long without waking up screaming.  I felt awful for him and by the time D called me to tell me he was coming home from work, I couldn't hide my exhaustion on the phone.  I asked him to stop and pick up some infant Tylenol and he came home with some extra treats for me.  I opened the card and gift and was immediately shuffled into the bathroom to take a nice long bath, read a book, and listen to music while he took care of Duke and cooked dinner.
{3} Snow Day!  We had a crazy blizzard on Wednesday after a beautiful 75 degree day full of outside adventures on Tuesday.  Thus is life in Colorado!  Anyway, Dennis' company closed early so he got to come home a little after noon and we got to spend the whole afternoon/evening together as a family.  I made a delicious pot roast for dinner + chocolate chip cookie bars and got to spend some time working on my new business while D played with mini-D.

Staying cozy warm during the blizzard!

{4} Batman vs. Superman...Oh yes, we saw the movie last night at 9:30 with a group of friends!  I don't pay much attention to reviews, although I had heard the ones for this are not so great.  I'm not a comic book connoisseur so I was a little confused about parts but it was decent and I got to have a beer at least while watching.  Either way, I prefer Tony Stark and some Avengers to this duo...

{5} These. You can thank me later.
Lastly, THANK YOU all so much for the love and support on this post and this post.  I love to write from the heart and honesty is a top priority for me on this blog, so it makes it even more special when I can have a positive impact on others throughout the process.  And just for cuteness...



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