Hey there, Wednesday! {Target, Carrots, and Do!}

My oh my this post is full of random things.  You lucky readers are getting a glimpse inside the way my brain works 97% of the time...14 different thoughts about 27 different things, all bouncing around at the same time.  You're welcome...uhh or I'm sorry.  You decide ;)


We had to wanted to run some errands yesterday {read: I wanted an excuse to go to Target} and while I planned on doing so before D got off work, someone had other plans.  I literally set Duke on the couch for all of 4 minutes to finish getting ready and when I came out of the bedroom, he was passed out.  Poor guy has been WORN OUT since his shots yesterday afternoon.

SO, by the time he woke up and ate, it was time to go pick up D from work and THEN we got to run to Target.  The point of all this rambling {yes, I promise there's a point} is to 1- pathetically brag about the fact that I made it through Target spending less than $100 and 2- brag about Target's AMAZING $1/$3 aisle right now.

I need to go back and get some of these for myself!
Wooden ornament/sign to paint, cute plate, and adorable bunny envelope!
REALLY cute books for only $1!

My sister and nieces are coming to visit next weekend and I won't be going home for Easter this year so I wanted to pick up a couple cute things for my nieces to have for Easter when they get here.  LOOK at how cute this stuff is!  Run to your nearest Target NOW and stock up on some goodies for your kiddo's Easter baskets.


I always buy gigantic bags of carrots at the grocery store thinking that I'm going to snack on them endlessly and then I end up leaving half the bag to get dry and gross.  I happen to love me some cooked carrots and I found a "recipe" for them that was so delicious tonight, I wanted to share!  If you're a fan of cooked carrots, go make these!  I'm feeling pretty bossy in this post so far...


I can't remember where I heard about this App, but it was probably on one of the dozen blogs I read on a daily basis and I LOVE it so I wanted to share it with fellow to-do list lovers out there.  I have to preface this by saying that I give my mom and sisters a really hard time for being crazy list fanatics {they make lists about their lists...} but I like checking things off a to-do list as much as the next guy.  It's rewarding and letsbehonest I forget EVERYTHING these days, so it's an absolute necessity for me to write things down if I ever hope to actually get them done.  My favorite part about this app is that you can actually cross things off and you can decide if you want to leave things on the list or have them erase automatically once completed.  Go download this app and start doing stuff!

Hope you all are having a fantastic week!  I am over the moon happy to be back to my normal self this week and so very thankful for lots of sunshine.  Also- how lucky am I that I get to spend my days with this boy?!  Love him so much.

Until next time...


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