New Mama Life

The other day I half-convinced myself I could be a successful comedian because Duke was laughing so hard at me waving a pillow back and forth.  Let's assume I hadn't had any coffee yet or was otherwise delusional.  But the truth is, motherhood is literally wiping liquid excrement off another person's back one minute, and filling out your application for Last Comic Standing the next.  Kids have this amazing, uncanny ability to make life absolutely amazing and utterly terrifying, all in the time it took you to microwave your cup of coffee for the 14th time.

Motherhood is nitty gritty sometimes and it's not all Pinterest crafts and Instagram moments, but that's what makes it the greatest joy in my life.  Even in those moments when I'm staring into the gaping hole that is my baby's mouth as he screams until his little head is so red it might be purple, every fiber of my being is working to figure out how I can make it all better.  And when I do, and he's smiling up at me with his gummy grin again, I feel like a superhero.  It's my job to make this itty bitty human into a fully-functional, thriving adult someday.  But more importantly, I exist to love the crap out of this kid.  Some days might be long, but there can never be too many snuggles, giggles, and kisses for my boy.

There are days I have such high hopes and a long mental-list of things I'm going to accomplish.  Half of them are admittedly unrealistic to start BUT that doesn't mean I don't wake up like today really is going to be the day I dust the ceiling fans, bake apricot scones, take a shower AND put make-up on and then go grocery shopping and meal plan for the week in between reading Duke 27 books and teaching him baby sign language.  Ironically, those are usually the days that Duke's to-do list says "don't let mom set me down for more than 3.5 minutes at a time."  Thus is the season of life we're in right now.  And I love this season.

One thing I have learned that makes me not only a better mama, but a better wife and friend, is making sure that I take time for myself.  Whether that's a dinner out with friends {like Taco Tuesday tonight!} or aimlessly wandering the aisles of Target by myself, it helps to reset and refresh myself so I can come back home and love on my family.  I feel like I am constantly "on" all day with Duke, smiling/singing/dancing/narrating our lives, etc., so mentally I have to take a break every once in awhile so that Dennis doesn't always come home to a zombie-wife.

To all you mamas out there, new or seasoned, you are doing a great job!  Don't forget to give yourself grace, don't feel guilty if you need some time alone, and most importantly, don't forget to love yourself in the midst of giving so much love to your family.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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