Duke and the Greats

Duke is a very lucky boy who has 3 great-grandpas (Dennis' side) and 2 great-grandmas (my side).  Sadly, and ironically, our sweet boy didn't get to meet either one of my grandpas or Dennis' grandmas, but we feel so blessed that he has 5 amazing 'Greats' in his life.  With each one he has met, regardless of his mood beforehand, he lets them hold him and is completely happy and calm.  I LOVE seeing them light up when they look at him and I absolutely love how completely relaxed he is in their loving arms.  Lord knows they have held a lot of babies, so it's no surprise Duke knows he's in good hands. 

Duke got to meet his Uropa {great-grandpa in German} this weekend, which means he has officially gotten to snuggle with all of the Greats and we know there will be many more snuggles to come!  Today's post is short and sweet and entirely dedicated to the Greats.
Duke and his Uropa (Dennis' step-dad's dad)
Duke and his Great Grandma Ruby (my mom's mom)
Duke and Gigi (my dad's mom)
Duke and Papa (Dennis' mom's dad)
Duke and Papa (Dennis' dad's dad)
I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!!

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