Happy April!

Happy Friday/April Fool's Day everybody!  This week was a weird one for me...I felt like Monday/Tuesday were super productive and crazy and then a rough night sleep on Tuesday left me feeling like a bit of an out-of-sorts zombie on Wednesday.  I hate feeling "off" and was able to slowly get my rhythm back on Thursday...thaaank goodness.  Anyway, I am really happy it's Friday and APRIL {my favorite month} and I bet you are too, SO let's jump into our 5 for the day!

{one}  Spring Fever  I know that I live in the wrong place for this but I really wish it could just be 75 every day from March until June and then we can switch to summer temps!  I am itching for sunnier days so Duke, Capone and I can get out on more walks and adventures.  These random days of snow flurries and cold are bumming me out.  I've got high hopes for you April!
{two} My birthday  So my birthday isn't until the 17th but I LOVE birthdays and I'm so excited for my first birthday as a mama.  Pretty much everything feels more special to celebrate with Duke around!  I'm hoping for presents a fun dinner out with some friends and an awesome family day with my favorite people. 
{three} This boy.  Duke isn't rolling back to front yet, but somehow this kid manages to wiggle himself all over his play mat.  He cracks me up with his moves and never ceases to make me smile, nearly every minute of the day.  He's also just plain wild and I love it.  He has such a personality and I have a feeling he is going to keep us on our toes from now until we're 93.
I am positive his FEET were at the piano when we started...


Thank God for nap time snuggles

{four} Toy thief.  Capone was sooo good about not stealing Duke's toys for the first 4.5 months.  And now, the second Duke throws a toy on the ground {which is nearly every second} Capone swoops in and starts chewing.  You'd think he didn't have his OWN bucket of toys in the corner of the living room.
Sophie might as well be a dog toy, but not for $30!  Plus Duke LOVES her.
Giving me the stink eye AND eating  Duke's Valentine's bear.
{five}  Grand Junction  We are off to GJ tomorrow morning to visit Dennis' Opa.  He hasn't met Duke yet and he's not in the best health so we are so excited to finally get down there and introduce him to his great-grandson!  Here's hoping Duke handles the 4+ hour car trip well and sleeps like a champ in the hotel.  Cheers to the weekend!



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