Letters to Duke: Volume II

We are sitting in the chair together and you are eating…your little legs keep kicking against my shoulder and your arm is constantly roaming around, touching my face, grabbing my nose, swinging back and forth to thwop me unexpectedly in the chest.  Your hair is growing in thick again and I love rubbing your fuzzy little head.  You are constantly on the move for such an immobile guy so I cherish these slow moments with you when you will bend your little body in half to try to get a snack from mama.
You are still an incredibly smiley and happy little fella and people always comment on how adorable you are and how much you love to talk.  You’ve got quite the set of lungs on you and these days you seem to really enjoy screaming bloody murder if something isn’t going your way.  I think you get that characteristic from me {I keep my screams on the inside}, unfortunately, because your dad is pretty easy going.  

As for me, I think my resolve on the disruptive sleep is thinning out.  I was doing so well so I’m a little frustrated with my own lack of patience these days.  You really are a great sleeper and you typically only wake up once now that the dreaded 4 month sleep regression has come and gone.  Still, I feel like every cell in my body is exhausted when I get up to feed you.  On the flip side, I still love snuggling up to you in the wee hours of the morning…your movements are much softer and sweeter and you typically just wrap your little arms around me, get your food, and fall back into a deep slumber.  I know that between your smiles, daddy’s foot rubs, and coffee, I can get through just about anything, I just need to practice giving myself a little more grace during the tougher moments.

In a few days you will officially be 6 months old my sweet boy {don't worry, I have a whole other post planned for that big event} and I have thanked God every single day for you.  I am so blessed to be your mama and I promise to love you more than anyone on this planet possibly could.  You are a firecracker and I can’t wait to continue to watch your little personality bloom.  I love you my baby Duke. 

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