Opening Day!

I am SO EXCITED to go to a bar this afternoon today for a little Rockies Opening Day fun with my friend Ashley.  We aren't going to the game, but I can't wait to be apart of all the excitement that is Opening Day.  I feel like it's a right of passage into Spring/Summer and makes me think of sunny warm days and cold beer.  Time to jump right into my Friday 5 we go!

one- I mentioned in this post that we are really trying to spend a lot of quality time with our friends and family before we move next month.  Well, this week was quite successful on that note.  On Monday night, we brought dinner over to Dennis' aunts house and had a great evening hanging out with her, watching hilarious YouTube clips, and eating way too much fried chicken.  On Wednesday, we had Dennis' cousin, her husband, and their sweet baby girl over for dinner, and last night we went to Dennis' Uncles to celebrate his Grandpa's 92nd birthday with the family!  Today is all about Opening Day with my best friend and tomorrow we head over to my sister's for a Mexican food feast and yummy margaritas.  Quality time all around!

Duke reaching for Papa's cake!

two- Yesterday, my company announced some big news, and I am more excited than ever to be apart of it!  I've spoken with so many people this week about the fantastic products, made some sales, and it feels so good to be motivated about something that will actually help pay the bills!

three- Duke has been such a giggle monster this week.  Wednesday night was the first time we heard full on big belly laughs from our boy and I about burst it was so cute and so sweet!  I have to get it on video!  He brings me more joy in a single day than I thought I could feel in a week, and not a day goes by that I don't stare at him in utter amazement that he is my boy.  I also soak up cuddles all the time because, seriously, babies don't keep!

four- I have been majorly slacking in the pumping department and I recently started it up again so I can be sure we have enough of a stash for a baby-free trip we are taking next month.  It was SO EASY before and I completely took it for granted.  I have been so frustrated with miniscule amounts this week and I'm planning on stocking up on some lactation cookies and whatever else will pump up my supply! Advice appreciated!
five- I honestly don't know what I would do without my sweet husband. We went and visited him for lunch twice this week and I know it means a lot to him to get to see us during the day.  Even after a long work day, he still comes home and helps with things around the house AND gives me a foot or back rub multiple times a week. I know, spoiled rotten! Love you hubs.

Cheers to the weekend!


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