Life on the Farm: The Bulldog and The Baby Edition

So Dennis and Capone rolled in around 3:30 a.m. Monday with another car full of stuff, *sigh* and they were both understandably exhausted.  Unfortunately we had to put Capone to bed right away but his cage and blankets were setup and he went right to sleep.  Duke decided to wake up 13851035 3 times that night and I can't figure out if it's teething, a growth spurt, or just plain craving some mama snuggles that has this boy all out of whack.  I'd be lying if I said it wasn't making me crazy.  I am trying so so hard to be patient but MAN it's frustrating and exhausting to wake up two short hours into a snooze.  Anyone, this season will certainly pass with time so until then we've got to tough it out.  He has been the HAPPIEST of boys during the day so at least there's that to look forward to!
I was expecting some sort of excitement between Duke and Capone this morning when they were reunited but I was left wanting more.  Duke was all smiles for his fur brother but Capone was far too distracted checking out his new stomping grounds to give his little bro any attention.  I took him out {after he growled at my dad through his cage...oops! sorry dad} and let him explore his new home.  He loved being able to freely roam and looked at me a few times for some sort of guidance, I'm sure expecting me to lay down some boundaries!  So far he doesn't really need them because he's keeping to the area surrounding the house, moving from one door to the other to see who's going to come out and play with him.  I hope the transition continues to be smooth and that he eventually leaves the cows alone and stops barking at them.  =)
Already supporting the local economy with his HyVee water bucket and rocking his normal attitude.
Duke has been loving all of the people and attention that surround him on a daily basis.  I hope the poor guy will be okay when it's back to just mama and daddy in the new house!  By then {finger's crossed Dennis gets a job soon!} he should be in daycare so he will get a TON of stimulation from the other kids.  Since I haven't started work yet, we've been enjoying slow mornings, breakfast on the patio, and lots of play time!
Applesauce beard!
Today we had my cousin Jordan come out to the farm and take some family pictures of is a sneak peak!  I am so excited to see the rest- he is crazy talented as a musician and I think it's safe to say his photography skills are just as on point.  Also noteworthy, this photoshoot was pretty spontaneous and the fact that I opened the package this dress was in 15 minutes before shooting AND we coordinated outfits, counts as a huge win in my book. 

Tomorrow I start my new job!  I am so excited for this new career adventure and also excited about my 90 second commute.  Ha! But seriously it's that close.  More to come on our new adventure in South Dakota and my thoughts on heading back to work {again} later this week!

Cheers to Tuesday!

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