PHEW...where have we been?

This past week has been straight crazy.  Emotionally taxing, filled with an abundance of love, lots of car time, and if I'm being honest, I feel like our lives are in a state of constant chaos.  I know this is par for the course with a move coming up, and I am beyond grateful that I got to spend time with my friends and family to remember a wonderful life gone too soon.  But life seems to continue speeding right along, despite my need to hit the pause button.  Anyway, in honor of us moving in 1 WEEK {much to the surprise of my best friend who thought it was still 2+ weeks out} I thought I'd do a 5 on Friday//Friday Favorites post about 5 things that are AWESOME right now.

one-  Celebrating my first Mother's Day was very bittersweet but I still savored sweet moments and sweet messages from some of my favorite people.  I felt so much love and stole a million and one smiles from my main mini man to celebrate the day.  Since Dennis knew we would be occupied with much more important events on Sunday, he took advantage of his day off on Friday and surprised me with breakfast in bed.  He is definitely a keeper.

two- We are just weeks away from living in our OWN HOUSE {does it count if my dad's the landlord?}!  I am so so excited.  We will have a beautiful yard, 3 porches {what on earth will we do with 3 porches?!}, a guest bedroom, and loads of space.  I love that we get to put our mark on something and possibly grow our little family in the years to come in this sweet little house!  I cannot wait.

three- New job/New adventure.  I'm pretty freaked out about moving back home simply because I've never lived there as an adult.  However, last week when we were back I ran into some of my new co-workers and they were so sweet and welcoming, it truly calmed my fears.  This is a whole new stage of life for us and knowing that there are already people that are just as excited about us coming to Vermillion as we are, really reminds me that we are making the BEST decision for our family.  It will be a big change, but I truly believe it will be one of our favorite adventures in this life.

four- Sweet baby snuggles are one of my very favorite things on this planet.  Duke is at an odd stage right now where he's simultaneously curious and wanting to explore the world and super clingy/screams when I go out of his eye sight.  I'm trying to tune out the screams and enjoy the moments where he slows down and cuddles in my lap.  He's been growing and teething the past couple weeks AND I think he's starting to struggle with some separation anxiety.  I think that starting daycare this summer will be a really good change for him and give him the chance to spend time with other kiddos/people and know that at the end of the day, mama always comes back!

five- This weekend is all about Going Away Parties, seeing as many people as we can guessed it...PACKING!  We officially move in 1 week from today and we have loads to get done before then.  In between the tornado of boxes and packing tape that seems to follow me around, we are having two going away at a bar with a bunch of friends and one at my in-laws with family and friends.  I am so excited to let loose tonight and have fun with some wonderful people and pretend like it's not because we won't be seeing them for awhile. #notears

I hope you all have a truly wonderful weekend!  Snuggle your favorite people and enjoy some sunshine!


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