Roller Coaster Week Rewind

Oh yes, you read that right...I said 'week' not 'weekend'.  I feel like last week was insanity x 10 so I wanted to recap it a bit, mainly because some pretty big things happened in our world.

We started the week off recovering from a quick trip so South Dakota for one of my best friend's bridal showers.  I ended up squeezing in a coffee/interview, we saw the house we'll be living in, spent loads of time with my family and successfully drove the 9 hour trip x 2 with our wiggly 6 month old.  Duke did great both ways...we opted to leave around 5 p.m. both heading there on Thursday and coming back on Sunday with the hopes that he would sleep most of the way.  His bedtime is usually around 8/8:30 and our little champ went to bed just as he normally would and slept the vast majority of the drive {just like his daddy}.  Anyway the trip was awesome, but coming back made me realize just how quickly our move is approaching and just how much we are trying to squeeze into the next 3 weeks.

We had to practice our golf skills...
Lots of giggles were necessary
The beautiful bride to be and one of my oldest {known} best friends!
So back to the week-  on Monday I received an exciting email following up from the coffee/interview I had had on Friday in Vermillion.  Things were looking very good on the job front.  Dennis had the day off so we spent most of it running errands.

On Tuesday I did my best to clean and pack a little bit in preparation of my cousin Jenni visiting on Wednesday.  I also got a SUPER OBNOXIOUS hey we're about to tow your car if you don't update your registration note on my car.  Mind you, my car had just been towed out of my stupid apartment complex the Thursday before, roughly an hour before we were set to drive to SD, because of where I was parked.  LONG STORY but basically no one should move to this complex.  Anyway, I knew I had until Saturday to get my tags updated, but the threat of my car being towed twice in a week had me a bit panicked.  I called my apartment complex, reiterated the fact that they shouldn't be able to tow me 2 days before I'm legally required to have my tags updated and begged them to add me to the no-tow list.  Crisis averted.  I also attempted to get some work done and realized that my computer was done-zo.  I tried typing up a blog post and would type a sentence or two and then wait for a solid 3 minutes as letter by letter it slowly appeared on the screen.  I am not a patient person in the slightest so I was crazy frustrated that I wouldn't be able to do any computer-related activities and knew that Dennis and I needed to bite the bullet and get a new one.  Thank you Best Buy for your 12 month no-interest financing deals...
On Wednesday, my cousin Jenni and her adorable daughter Charlotte got in around 2:45 p.m. {Charlotte is just a couple weeks younger than Duke} and literally 10 minutes after she walked in the door I handed her Duke and snuck off for a quick phone call, confirming the exciting news from Monday that I HAD A JOB! cue all the happy dances.  I don't want to say too much about it until everything is more official, but I will say that it seems like all of the stars aligned as far as job duties, pay, start date, and benefits and I could not be more excited for this new opportunity.

I didn't have much time to relish in the exciting job news before we were off to one of my fellow consultant's business launch parties!  I was so excited Jenni was in town to host a business launch for each of us, and was thrilled to get to help Megan out with hers and see the business presentation for the first time in person.  It was incredibly successful and a lot of fun- it also made me wish I had met some of these wonderful people years ago since we are moving so soon!

Thursday was the day of my official launch party.  We had a low key day watching the babies play and crack us up with their 'conversations' and overall curiosity with each other.  We ran errands to get food and drinks ready for the party and went to Best Buy to purchase the computer Dennis and I had researched earlier in the week.  The kids decided to take longer naps than we expected so I started to get nervous and frazzled about getting everything setup in time for my event that night but everything ended up running smoothly.  A few people couldn't make it but I was so thankful for the ones that did and loved sharing my new business venture with them!

Friday was all about going to the wrong DMV, getting my tags updated, and running a bunch of errands in the rain/snow/sleet/whatever you call it weather.  Overall it was a nutty, fun, frustrating, amazing week and I am thankful this one should be a bit calmer!  Wins:  New job, new computer, successful business launch, family time // Bummers:  Dead computer, towed car, almost towed car, paying almost $200 for an orange sticker {aka car tags}

I hope you all have a wonderful, fulfilling, and relaxed week!!


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