Solo Cups, Baby Bottles, and a Tape Overdoes

Okay maybe you can't actually overdoes on tape, but holy cow I am sick of hearing the riiiiiiip of the packing tape dispenser as I make and close up box after box.  But you know what the bright side is?  We are making some serious progress!  Sure, we move in 3 days and pack up the truck in 2, but I really am delighted to say that despite the fact that I can hardly walk from one room to the next, we're almost there. 

As I was making dinner last night, I had to get a little creative when I realized just how much I had already packed/our friend had packed for us.  Thankfully I left out the salt and pepper but ended up using Duke's bottle's to get the proper water measurement for my recipe.  I also forgot to leave out the always necessary wine glasses so bright orange plastic cups had to do!  Pretty sure we'll be ordering pizza the rest of the week.

All of this is to say that we really are moving.  After all of the times I told Dennis "I really hate leaving//I wish we lived there//Maybe we can move one day?" on our drives from South Dakota back to Colorado, it's actually happening.  I know this is going to be a great move for us, but it's still a big change and all change takes some getting used to! 

We've had two fantastic going away parties, and I managed to avoid saying the actual word 'Goodbye' at both of them.  A- I just don't like goodbyes and B- I truly hope I see all of these people again!  So it's all 'See you later' and 'Talk to you soon' from me folks.  Also, I may or may not start picking fights with people this week, because I find it's much easier to leave people when I'm upset with them. Ha!

Thank God for this sweet little nugget who reminds me each and every day that we are making the right decision, that we will be able to give him a wonderful life in South Dakota, and most importantly, that no matter where we are, our little family will thrive as long as we are together. 

That's enough rambling for one day! Can you tell I really needed the distraction?! Happy Tuesday to all!

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