What's up, Wednesday?

Duke doesn't have to be crawling yet to be working his way around the room!  I can't believe how much this little guy can get into now that he is rolling back to front...he's out of control.  The ONLY time the rolling is frustrating is when the poor guy rolls himself onto his belly in his crib and yells and screams until we come roll him back.  Eventually he will lay his head down and just sleep on his belly, right?!  And the other day he may or may not have gotten himself stuck under the coffee table.  #momfail
Here is a peak into Duke's antics this week.  Look out world!

Might as well chew on it while selecting a toy
Anyway, the little huge personality in our boy is blooming and overall he is happy and hilarious.  But... if something isn't going his way, he is oh so vocal about it.  Like SCREAMING with giant tears streaming down his bright red face.  Our pediatrician called him a 'Drama King' earlier this week when he was checking his ears and I couldn't help but laugh.  He is so sweet and bold in his emotions and I just know he will keep us on our toes for...ever.

We visited some friends last night for a little bit before bedtime and I love seeing how enamored Duke is with other kids.  He smiles and stares and I wish I knew what his little mind was thinking!  As difficult as it will be to go back to work next month, I think this is the perfect timing for Duke because I know he will absolutely love playing with all of the other kids {and they are certainly more entertaining than his mama}.

I'm off to continue slooowly packing up our world here!  So exciting and so overwhelming all at the same time.  Cheers friends!


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