2 Years!

It's hard to believe I married the love of my life 2 short years ago!  We've packed these 2 years full of time with friends and family, lots of learning and growing as individuals and as a couple, and more love than I ever imagined I would find.  We changed jobs, got laid off, moved twice, had a baby, and have lived to tell the tale.  Let's take a look at our first 2 years as a married couple by the numbers!

2 // The number of states we've lived in!  We can now officially say we've been residents of Colorado and South Dakota as a married couple.

4// The number of companies worked for {2 each} since we got hitched.

3 // Number of places we've lived.  We started out in our 2 bedroom apartment in Thornton and then squeezed into a 1 bedroom + Office {aka Nursery} in Westminster 3 weeks before Duke was born.  Now we're living in my parents house and in 2 short weeks we'll be moving into our own HOUSE!  Woohoo!

? // Number of places we've traveled since tying the knot...I was trying to go through this and remember and I thought it'd be fun to list a few of the places we've traveled together since we started dating instead:

Costa Rica, Boston, St. Thomas, Nantucket, Jamaica, and obviously a bunch in the Midwest (St. Louis, Kansas City/Lawrence, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minneapolis)...Vermont is on the list this year and hopefully we can add in New Orleans, Nashville, and another tropical vaca in the next 2 years {hint hint for my 30th birthday}!

730 // Days since we said 'I do'

1 // The number of babies we have.  Duke is our sweet wild boy who pretty much runs our world these days.  He is our greatest joy and blessing so far, 2nd only to finding each other.

1252 // Days since I said 'YES'...prefaced only by "Holy shit, are you serious!?" #truestory

1 // The number of fur children we have...Capone is still an only fur-child, despite our attempts to get people to buy us bulldog puppies.  Thank God they never did though, he certainly keeps us on our toes enough on his own.

75 // Number of diamonds on my wedding ring bands.

385971375 // Number of times we've argued over whose going to do the dishes. HA!

I met Dennis at a time when I was transitioning into actually liking Colorado {It was not an instant love} and he was more supportive, understanding, and encouraging of me than anyone I'd ever met before.  We've surely had our ups and downs in the process of getting to know one another over the years, but that's where we always learn the most about each other.  I know without a doubt that this man will be there for me through the dark days and the sunny, and I thank God and my lucky stars every. single. day. that he is my husband.  He makes me laugh, comforts me when I'm sad/lonely/defeated, knows exactly how to push my buttons and usually uses this gift for good and not evil, AND he just plain loves me through it all.  There truly is no one I would rather do life with.  Today is for you my sweets! You and me...

We are off to have a fun little date night tonight...Boston was really our gift to each other this year, but of course Dennis had to surprise me with 2 cards and a 'cotton' work shirt to go along with the Year 2 theme. :)  Below is a picture of one of the cards because it was too freaking cute not to share. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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