Can we hit PAUSE for a hot second?

I am coming at you today from a place of random mind has been a bit of a blur this week with lots going on at work, the new house, and preparing for the Vermont trip so I decided to lay it all out here and hopefully make some sense of something.  Why else would I have a blog, right? I am all for getting stuff done and juggling too many balls making it all work but sometimes I feel like I've fallen off the tracks and I'm spinning my wheels a bit.  Too many analogies?  Anyway, take a peak inside my brain today and help a girl feel like she's not alone on the crazy train.

Improve on the Silence
I saw this awesome graphic last week from a friend of mine AND then had an opportunity to meet a really warm, positive, and enthusiastic person yesterday and it got me I improving on the silence?  It is so easy to get caught up in negative talk/thoughts, despite how hard of an effort I make to be optimistic and positive.  I am naturally an anxiety-ridden person, so I make a special effort to really focus my thoughts and energy on having a positive impact.  How much better would the world be if everyone took a second to think about this before speaking?! 

So we have a house...we just don't sleep there ;)
I was putting a lot of pressure on us to get into the house and get everything settled and ready to go before we left for Vermont and thankfully I realized, with some encouragement from my husband/parents, that there really isn't a rush to move.  We can take our time a little bit, get laundry cleaned and organized, clean out rooms/closets that need a little attention, and settle ourselves in a way that feels comfortable and not chaotic.  We have furniture being delivered while we are gone this week {and some awesome people holding down the new fort for us} which I am so excited for and we'll be able to make a big grocery trip early next week so that we can start LIVING in our new house and not feel scattered.  This past month has been really nuts for us when I stop and think about it {have we seriously only lived here a month?!}, no need to add any unnecessary chaos!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anxious about a super long travel day tomorrow, but I am truly so excited for this trip.  I'm so happy we are taking Duke, I will get to spend some quality time with the best friends a girl could ask for, and MOST importantly, I get to watch my friend marry the love of her life!  I've never been to Vermont so Dennis and I get to check that off our list, and we are staying in the cuuuutest cottage {so much better than hotel!}.  Send us some good travel juju and keep my friend's family in your thoughts!  Her beautiful mom is the one I talked about here that passed away last month and I know her presence will be sorely missed this weekend. 

Hope everyone is having a faaantastic hump day!  I'm off to triple check our packing list and force myself to go to bed extra early tonight in preparation for our morning flight!  Side note: I wish airplanes offered bottomless mimosas.



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