Friday Friday Friday: We have a HOUSE!

In full disclosure, I must admit this post has a grand total of 0 pictures of our actual house. I promise those are to come on Monday! All of the ones online are from winter and I was far too busy soaking up the moments yesterday to even think about snapping a picture! #andicallmyselfablogger

We have a house. I cannot even begin to explain just how excited this makes me! Aside from my parent's house, I've lived in everything from a dorm room, to a 1 bedroom apartment, friend's basement, more apartments, etc. This house may not technically be ours {renting from my parents} but it feels like it! Yesterday we got the keys, started cleaning and painting and getting it ready for us to officially move in. Tonight we are going to hopefully get everything unpacked into the kitchen and finish painting! Duke's room and the dining room were the only priorities as far as painting and at some point we've got some wallpaper to remove and we might change out the paint in our bedroom. All things we have time for and don't have to cram in right now. My big deadline was to get everything moved in {not necessarily unpacked} before Vermont next week. We then have friends coming the following week for the 4th of July so we'd like to be as settled as possible by then.
Rugs are being made out of some awesome carpet we found, furniture will be delivered next week, and Lord knows we will make a million and one little tweaks/changes/additions in the coming months! For now, I am thankful, I am so so happy, and I am soaking it all up! Happy Friday Friends...enjoy my 5 on Friday compilation of Duke pictures/funny moments from the past week or so. Can't BELIEVE my boy will be 8 months old next week! -_-

one: stair master
This one is already giving me heart palpitations as he made his way to the stairs the other day. One milestone at a time my sweet boy.
two: tickle monster
Duke LOVES to be tickled. He will literally move his arms to the side and giggle in anticipation of the looming hand/stuffed animal as we zero in for the attack. His giggle makes my life.

three: lunch dates
With Dennis home with Duke and my work being so close, I sneak home during my lunch hour whenever I don't have another appointment. We snuggle, Duke nurses, and he gives me all the energy I need to go back in and knock out the afternoon. It's not doable every day, but it is so refreshing for me and it helps to not be away from him for 9 solid hours.

four: a glimpse into the future
Back when I was pregnant, my sister Michelle saw a hilarious picture floating around the internet of a baby with chest hair drawn on him with eye liner. Obviously we had to make a mental note to do this with Duke. The other day we finally made it happen and it is just too much! We added a gold chain to help my boy go full on Italian. Ha!
five: grandparent love
The ONLY downside to moving into our own place is moving out of my parents. This past month has been so much fun and I'm seriously impressed with how quickly we all fell into a routine that just worked. You just never know how quickly your parents might want to encourage you right back out of the house ;) Honestly though, even though it meant moving twice, I'm really glad we stayed with my parents during this time and had the extra helpful hands with Duke as we juggled the trip to Boston and adjusting to my new schedule. Seeing them with Duke makes my heart overflow and at least I know we're only 2 miles away at the new house.

And cousin love! Oh the cuteness...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


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