First off, I totally have Usher playing on repeat in my head as I write this post...and now you probably do too, so you're welcome.  "These are my confessions..."

Anyway I tend to really enjoy reading other people's posts like this so I decided to take a stab at it.  Here we go!

I confess that I totally wish I could go back in time and punch my 15 year old self in the face for not wearing my retainers!  And probably for lots of other stuff, but seriously, put the retainers IN Trish!  Le sigh.  Me and my annoying, crooked teeth will have to keep fighting the good fight until I can come up with a fixer upper plan B for my big mouth. 

I confess that I'm addicted to ICE CREAM! And I read all about this amazing museum of ice cream in New York that basically sounds like Willy Wonka exists and has planted the chocolate factory smack dab in the big apple.  Read all about it here and then go get yourself an ice cream cone.  Who's gonna send me to this amazing place to do some serious ice cream research?!

I confess that I feel like I'm 92 years old because I am so incredibly confused and out of the loop on this Pokemon craze.  What is happening?! Why do I keep seeing pictures of people's kids with weird little characters around them?! I didn't understand Pokemon when it was originally a thing and now it's a thing again and while I truly don't care enough to figure it out, I also don't appreciate feeling like a geriatric.

I confess that I haven't been swimming ONCE this summer and I'm real disappointed about it.  I'm hoping we can have a slew of super fun summer weekends that involve water + sunshine after we get back from Colorado next week.

I confess that I have never laughed as hard as I do with this boy.  He cracks me up, provides endless smiles, and has started to actually let me give him kisses.  Like he'll stop moving and look at me with his mouth closed when I say "mama kisses!" and then giggle after I lay one on him.  So cute.  

Phew! That was fun :)  Happy Hump Day!


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