Five on FRIDAY +Friday Favorites!!

This week FLEW by and while I feel like I left 47 things undone, I'm totally okay with the weekend sneaking up on me.  We are headed to Denver tonight for a last minute trip back to celebrate the wonderful man that is Dennis' Opa who passed away last week.  He was as sweet as he was tall {very!} and we are so thankful he was able to meet Duke!  In my experience, Opa was a man of few words but it was always apparent that he was genuine and that he loved his family fiercely.  He will absolutely be missed but we know he's in a better place now and reunited with his beautiful wife. 

Before we head off for our little road trip, let's dive into what's been on my list of randomness this week!


Duke is getting SO MANY teeth right now.  4 on top are working their way down and a 3rd on the bottom is making it's debut.  As much as I adored his gummy little smile, this wild toothy grin is too. damn. cute!  These are the pictures I get when I try to sneak a peak at his teeth...

But check out this gem my sister captured today!


I'm totally digging some of the fun events around town that we get to go to and in turn spend time with my family on a regular basis.  Last night we got to check out a new housing development that is all the rage right now and I can totally see why with the ridiculously beautiful homes and VIEWS.  We got to see 4 different homes, one of which was built by my best friend Amy's uber talented triplet brothers!  Mart Brother's Construction is their name, and building sweet homes is their game.  They do awesome work and are incredibly humble.  Bliss Pointe is on our wish list/5 year plan of potential forever home locations.


We had a great visit with my Grandma Ruby on Wednesday this week.  Duke sufficiently wreaked havoc all of her room and may have given her an anxiety attack {or two} but she was delighted to see him and the feeling was most certainly mutual.


I managed to spill water all over myself on 4 different occasions at work this week and it made me realize that I'm 10x more self-conscious about it now that I'm a breastfeeding mama! You just never know if people will believe you when you swear it's just spilled water. ;)

It's no secret I love reading blogs as much as I love writing my own, and discovering new blogs is always fun in my book.  I love digging back into the archives, especially if the blog has been around for years, and it's also a great way to get new post ideas and get to know the writer.  A few weeks ago, one of my awesome readers reached out via email and was incredibly sweet!  She is ALSO a small town South Dakota girl and her blog is fantastic...head over and meet Katie today at A House With Character.  She is a mama, a book lover, dog lover, and a big fan of anything that's chock-full of charm with a healthy dash of character.  Basically, she's awesome.
Happy Friday folks!


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