A Very Fair Weekend

Last weekend was the Clay County Fair and we spent a good chunk of our Saturday soaking up the fun of it.  When I was a kid, they used to have a terrifying traveling amusement park with tons of rides that undoubtedly made me want to puke, but we rode them a million times anyway.  For whatever reason {safety??} they no longer have those rides, but they did have a bunch of bouncy house obstacle courses. a dunk tank, fair food, farm animals, and loads of 4-H festivities, booths, and auction items.

Backing up to Friday, we originally were going to go to the Fair for dinner and to walk around but it started raining hard right around 5:30 and by the time it stopped, Duke needed to get home and I had a hankering for Mexican food.  I picked up food to go for me {Dennis was working late} and took Duke home to get him ready for bed.  I watched TV for a bit until Dennis got home and I only made it until about 10:30 before passing out on the couch.  See also: I'm 100 years old.
Saturday morning we headed straight to the fair, walked around and checked out old cars they had lined up for a little car show and was super disappointed when I realized the Farmer's Market had moved downtown and wasn't setup by the fair grounds.  We loaded back up and headed downtown to check out the Farmer's Market, primarily so I could buy some iced coffee from one of my coworkers who makes deeelicious cold brew.  Properly caffeinated we decided to buy some local honey and a bunch of fresh jalapenos for my spice loving husband and then we popped into my favorite restaurant/coffee shop for brunch. 
Photo credit: Leslie Gerrish- coffee extraordinaire

We ended up at a table right next to 3 USD volleyball players who were obsessed with Duke.  They were so sweet and constantly looking over and smiling at him and he obliged them with lots of flirty smiles and head tilts.  He shows his affection for people by tilting his head/body total sideways and looking up at them with a big ol' grin.  It's hysterical and adorable.  In between auditions for his future babysitter {we hope!} he managed to share a cinnamon chip muffin with me and LOVE it.  Poor kid got more than his fair share of muffins when he was in my belly, so it's no surprise he loves them as much as I do.

We headed home for nap time so we could be fresh and ready for the main event that day...the Kid's Demolition Derby! I was simultaneously horrified and intrigued when I heard about this until I understood that they weren't actually trying to crush each other's cars like they do in the adult demo derby.  Duh, Trish.  Anyway, my niece was participating and she had her pink Barbie Jeep all decked out with a big number 6 and Coyote paw stickers.  The derby was hilarious.  The goal was for them to run into each other and pop the balloons that were taped to the cars.  It was the perfect combination of sheer chaos and rogue 6 year olds who just wanted to drive around and not actually hit any body.  After the derby, we filled up on food and watched the auction {crazy cool wood carvings and lots of yummy treats for bid} and walked around the for rest of the afternoon/evening.  When everyone had their fair share of the fair, we headed to our house for take out, drinks, and bedtime/movies for the kiddos.  It was a wonderful day!

Sunday was full of laundry, naps, and errands as we prepped for another work week!
Such a good helper
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