Anyone out there?

We are finally coming out of the fog of Duke's first sickness + a nasty cold for this mama.  I'm usually pretty tough when it comes to sicknesses {that could be a total'll have to ask my husband and/or mom. ha!} but this go around I was pretty pathetic.  My throat felt like it was on fire and I hate that uncomfortable feeling that never seems to go away.  I had the congestion and overall tiredness as well but baby Duke took the cake with his nasty cold + ear infection combo. 
Passed out for 2 hours after daycare
Because we've been lucky enough to have Duke home with us all his life, he's literally never had more than a slight runny nose {2 months old} since he was born.  When I saw his poor watery eyes and overall lethargic demeanor when I picked him up from daycare last  Monday, I knew something was wrong with our typically happy and energetic boy.  Dennis was off Tuesday so he stayed home with Duke but we didn't think he needed to go to the doctor because it really just seemed like a typical cold.  Tuesday night was a different story.  Duke was up all night, in bed with us for 90% of it to try to keep his head elevated and give him a chance at getting some rest, and off to the doctor we went first thing Wednesday morning. 
Had to wake this poor guy up for the doctor.
The pediatrician confirmed our fear of an ear infection and said the cold was a totally separate thing that would have to run it's course.  I went and picked up his prescription for the ear infection and spent the rest of the day snuggled up on the couch with my super sleepy baby.  It is awful seeing sick kiddos, but thank goodness for endless snuggles!  I wasn't feeling awesome either, so the day off work was much needed and Duke bounced back pretty quickly over the next few days. 

We had a pretty fun weekend so that recap will be coming tomorrow, but today we celebrate being back in good health and being shocked that it's already the middle of August!  It's amazing how time flies when you're in quarantine mode.

Happy Monday!

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