Friday is My Love Language

Woohoo! First week of August is in the books!  Time is flying these days, and I'm really working on being present and enjoying this season of life.  The only thing I'd change right now, is maybe ask for a little less humidity.  I don't even know why I curl my hair in the mornings because by the time it's 9 a.m. I'm trying to tame a big ol' fuzz ball.  I'm not ready for Fall, but I'm ready for Fall.

Anyway, even though the store shelves are stocked with all things Back to School, it is hot and still full-on SUMMER here so my theme today is all about how we are soaking up the sun.

one- Wild Water West

We are headed up to a water park in Sioux Falls, SD tomorrow and I am so excited to watch Duke splash around, float around the lazy river 27 times and ride all the water slides!  Gimme sunshine, gimme water, gimme my baby in swim trunks!

two- I scream, You scream...

Here's the deal- I LOVE ice cream regardless of the season, but this summer has been full of more ice cold deliciousness than I can remember in a long time. I may need to workout for 5 hours for every 3 bites of it, but that's a story for another day.  For today, let them eat ice cream!
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three- Downtown fun

We live right on Main Street and Thursday nights during the summer, there is a Thursday's on the Platz series with music and food in our cute little town.  Last night my sister and her fam and my parents all met at our house so we could walk down and enjoy the evening together.  There was beer, BBQ, bouncy houses and a band- all the ingredients for a perfect Thursday night!  We had to pit stop at the ice cream shop on the walk home and I couldn't resist some caramel and chocolate goodness. See #4!

Meeting his grandma's friend Patty whose nickname is Duke :) #cheesin
four- Daycare

Not summer related but worth mentioning- Dukes first day of daycare was a success!  From the report I got a pickup and the endless smiles and cuddles from my nugget, I'd say he had a great day. He was exhausted so the smiles were interrupted with some screams but he was a champ.

five- A lake trip

We are hoping to make a trip to the lake in the next couple weeks since our river trip last month was kind of a bust due to weather.  I'm picturing sandcastles, sunshine, and swimming in our future and I'm determined to make it happen this month!

Anything else we MUST add to our summer bucket list?? 

Hope you all had a wonderful week- cheers to the weekend!!


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