Baby #2 Update!

Well now that we have flown past the 1/2 way point I figured I should document this pregnancy before I forget everything.  We are 22.5 weeks into this pregnancy with baby boy #2!  I finally feel like a human being again, have a decent amount of energy back AND sometimes I even cook dinner.  Basically I've made a full 180 degree transformation from 7 weeks ago.
21 week bump photo
If you asked me if I wanted to have a 3rd baby at any point during the first 16 weeks of this pregnancy, I probably laughed in your face and said I am never doing this again.  Which totally sucks, because for the most part, I really enjoyed my pregnancy with Duke.  For whatever reason, this one has just been a lot more difficult and I was convinced it's because I was having a girl until we found out we will be welcoming another sweet baby BOY into the world in April. I cannot wait to see Duke with his baby brother and maybe in a couple years, we'll talk about trying for a girl ;)

Pregnancy Updates:
  • Sleep: Rough. I usually wake up to use the bathroom around 3 and turn into a full blown tossing and turning insomniac around 5 a.m. until I begrudgingly get up at 6:45 a.m.
  • Movement: Not as much as Duke, but starting to become more frequent in the evenings
  • Nursery: Now that we know what we're having, I've been pinning toddler room ideas like a crazy person in the hopes that it will motivate us to paint and transform our guest room in January.  Duke's room now will essentially stay the same and baby #2 will take over whenever he's no longer in our room.
  • Cravings: carbs (bread, donuts, pizza, pasta, etc.), breakfast items, juice and any kind of dessert (ice cream, cookies, candy, etc.) these days. 
  • Symptoms: Pretty bad lower back/sciatic pain and loads of hip pain when I'm trying to sleep.
  • Missing: Alcohol. Just a glass of wine or a beer would work wonders in the evenings.
  • Best Moments: Finding out that we're having a boy, doing a fun cupcake gender reveal at Thanksgiving, and dreaming about life with two wild boys!

Happy Hump Day!

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