Walking, Lap-Sitting, and Kisses: A Duke Update

Ah my sweet little firecracker baby.  Duke has always had a big personality, but it's certainly been developing ten-fold since we hit the 1-year mark in October.  Aside from the ridiculously dramatic tantrums he throws, complete with full on sprawl on the floor, he's hitting some pretty awesome milestones.  He's been taking 3-4 wobbly steps since before his birthday, but Dennis and I officially agree that we have a walker now that he can walk across an entire room and actually catch his balance and remain standing on his own.  We cheer and clap like crazy people and he absolutely beams with pride at his accomplishments.  I am so proud of him and also want to sob like a baby because this is a major step {pun intended} in our little man's life.  Then again, he is 25 lbs and I am 6 months pregnant, so I'm pretty excited about his new skill.

Another adorable skill that I can't say I ever even thought about until now, is Duke's ability to crawl and walk over to me and climb into my lap completely unprovoked.  It is the sweetest thing and I notice him doing it more and more.  Whether it's to bring me a book or a toy, he just plops down in my lap and continues on with his business.  I am a snuggle-addict so this has become one of my absolute favorite unexpected treasures these days.

I saved the BEST for last...the KISSES!  Duke has given some very random kisses in the past, but just this past week he's started freely giving them to me when asked.  Sometimes closed mouth, sometimes open {whatever the mood strikes, right?!} but always very intentional and aaaadorable.  He also gets this little grin right before like he just KNOWS how happy it's going to make me to get my mooches.  This little boy holds my heart and I must say, being a boy mom is the bee's knees folks.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!  We finished some final touches on our Christmas decorating and have moved most of the boxes and miscellaneous stuff back into the basement so we can just enjoy a pretty house for a couple more weeks!  I also took a note from Christina at Carolina Charm and made this stovetop potpourri yesterday, and I HIGHLY recommend it.  But please warn your husbands that it's not actually meant to be eaten before you make it...mine was insanely disappointed that it was all to make the house smell good. ;)

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