36 Weeks // Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I feel like it absolutely FLEW by, but I am starting this week feeling 100x calmer than most because we got so many things checked off our to-do list.  

We kicked off our weekend on Friday night with lots of playtime with our favorite guy.  He felt the need to spend it like this:  
But he didn't pee on the floor so we didn't mind.  99% sure we ate mac n cheese for dinner, watched a movie and I fell asleep by 10 p.m...Dennis put this dresser together for Duke's new room after I went to sleep and it was a perfect surprise to wake up to Saturday morning!

On Saturday I was up and at em so I could get a few things done before Duke woke up.  When he did, we ate breakfast {i.e. he got yogurt and peanut butter toast ALL OVER himself and anything within touching distance}, he took a bath and we headed to the airport to pick up my friend Nancy.  He slept most of the way up and back after a bit of a meltdown but there was Starbucks, best friend chats, and few distractions so I was happy for the little escape.

When we got back to town we headed over to my sister's to hang out for the rest of the day and hear all about their trip to Mexico to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. We ate way too much lasagna, got some fun presents, listened to the kids wrestle and bicker for 5 hours and headed home happy and sleepy around 9:30. 

Duke is a champion and took daylight savings time in stride, sleeping in until after 10 a.m. on Sunday.  He needs his 12 hours of sleep and doesn't really care when it starts/ends so we have a little more flexibility on the weekends.  I couldn't believe it when I woke up and realized how late we had all slept in so we decided brunch was totally necessary to celebrate. ;)  We ate our weight in pancakes and waffles and spent the rest of the day being productive. 

Aside from the rug that is on it's way, Duke's room is complete! I'm still not sure when we'll move him in there but I love that the furniture is in place, clothes are in drawers, pictures are on the walls, and it's ready when we're ready.

We went through some bags of hand-me-down clothes I've been avoiding, did tons of laundry and random house tidying, and ended the night with ice cream {me} and accidentally falling asleep while putting Duke to bed {Dennis}. I went upstairs around 9:15 to figure out what had happened when Dennis never came back down after supposedly laying Duke down.  Turns out, little man was having a rough time and needed some snuggles so I found them both in our bed completely passed out and snoring. :)

Wish us luck for our 36 week appointment tomorrow! Hoping we find out little man has flipped over and is in proper position for a normal delivery. Also, here's hoping I can kick the ice cream/cereal/breakfast sandwich addictions I've started during this pregnancy as soon as he comes out.  -_-

Cheers to an awesome week!


An Airplane in my Kitchen

On a regular basis, while either home on lunch or after work, I groan when I walk around our house and see so much stuff everywhere.  I've never been a very minimalistic person and my husband certainly isn't so we have to make a conscious effort to keep all of our crazy contained and somewhat organized.  Throw in the fact that I'm just shy of 36 weeks pregnant and we'd much rather focus our energy on Duke when he's awake and you can imagine how successful we are with this task.  My point though, I promise I have one, is that yesterday I was walking through the house on lunch and saw things with a  completely different perspective. 

Take for instance, the airplane in my kitchen...

Apparently Duke tried to drag it with him to daycare yesterday and I loved the midday reminder of my sweet, wild, adventurous little man.  Sure we have 27 ride on toys scattered throughout our house, but this one in the kitchen didn't bother me one bit.  

I put my keys on the key rack and couldn't help but giggle that sometimes Duke's coat ends up on the same little hooks that hold our keys...
Things like that remind me how small he truly is. 

I went into the living room to eat lunch and relax for a bit and loved the contrast of the little man's own couch, blanket, pillow setup next to ours.  He loves this thing and gets so excited to grab a book and go sit on his own furniture and snuggle up with Elmo.
Lastly, I made my way into the bathroom to wash my hands and make sure I didn't have food all over my face {#peanutbutterproblems} and was reminded that even personal hygiene is cuter with a toddler.  Duke is stubborn about brushing his teeth himself which pretty much just means running it under water and sucking on it, but he gets so excited to mimic something he sees mommy and daddy doing that we go with it and sneak in some actual toothpaste scrubbing when he's sufficiently distracted by something else.
I was so excited to get him from daycare yesterday because I feel like we had a crazy whirlwind three days {Saturday-Monday} that involved lots of time away from my main mini man and I missed him like crazy.  He was banging on the windows and happily screaming for me when I showed up and gently put his hand on my cheek and pulled my face towards him whenever I was looking at someone or something else for the rest of the evening.  It's the sweetest thing he started recently and it's a pretty hilarious and quite literal way of reminding us to focus on HIM. We shared a snack of grapes and Colby jack cheese on the couch and even though there were plenty of tantrums throughout the evening {I wouldn't let him take all the toilet paper off the roll, drink dog shampoo, play in the dog food container, empty the medicine cabinet, climb into the oven, or drink a glass of ice water unassisted} the night ended with giggles, wrestling, and plenty of spontaneous kisses. 

If you visit us anytime soon, expect a laundry basket on the dining room table and make sure you watch your step...those blocks could make a grown man cry when stepped on.  You can find us sitting on the floor in the living room playing with toys and make a good ol' fashion mess.  Good news is, now that the Roomba is in my life, there's less dog hair to get covered in.


All the Happenings: Friday Edition

I was subtly reminded by a sweet family friend and blog-reader the other day that I haven't been posting much lately so I needed to hop on here and at least catch up our virtual family journal with all that's been going on lately.  We have a really fun and jam-packed weekend ahead of is and I'm so excited to get out of the house, watch a TON of basketball, have some solo-time for getting my hair done and some shopping, and even sneak in a date with the hubs.  But before all that fun begins tonight, let's see what we've been up to...


At 16-months old, Duke continues to grow into his big personality and lately he has been an absolute riot.  I forget how much being sick affects him when I'm in the thick of it and think he spends 70% of his time clinging to me like a spider monkey and communicating through a series of points and grunts.  He is such a funny kid and such a happy boy when he's healthy!  He's totally starting to understand just how silly and hilarious he can be and how completely powerless his dad and I are when, for example, he's trying to brush his hair with a cinnamon and sugar bagel and neither one of us can stop laughing long enough to get him to stop.

He absolutely loves being chased and will lay down to prepare for tickles...laughing hysterically before it's even started.  He gives hugs and kisses and has, hands-down, the greatest open-mouth smile on the planet.  His joy is infectious and I am so thankful he's around to brighten my mood when I'm knee-deep in a personal pity-party because of how uncomfortable I am right now. 

Random, but hilarious moment from last weekend at my parent's house.  He walked around with his toy phone and proceeded to talk on the phone while "taking notes" and writing with a pen and paper.  The mimicry is so entertaining and slightly terrifying!


Speaking of uncomfortable, this sweet baby boy is growing fast and furious.  I'm praying he's flipped over but won't be able to confirm if he's still breech or not for another week and a half or so.  Say a little prayer he's flipped on his own!  I've never even thought about what labor would be like with a C-section involved and while I know they are super common, I'd really like things to just happen on their own like they did with Duke. I'm trying not to get too worried or anxious at this point, because I really do think he flipped over a few days after the ultrasound.  However, I also thought he was head-down for weeks when I was poking him {probably in the eye} thinking it was his tush, so I'm giving up the guessing game. Fingers crossed!


35-week pregnancy update:
  • I'm totally waddling
  • I am addicted to cereal and never eat less than 2 bowls per serving
  • Ice cream every night isn't even a choice anymore, totally mandatory
  • My belly is gigantic and often knocks things over
  • My hips feel 100% broken 65% of the time
  • Baby boy moves ALL THE TIME and I love it.  One of my coworkers even saw it the other day because at this point, the whole belly moves.
  • My husband is a saint and gives foot and back massages all the time with little to no grumbling
  • I am SO excited to meet this little man and hope he comes as close to on time as possible! We have my maternity leave planned out to include a week in Colorado in the middle of June and I need to make my 12 weeks stretch until then :)


I finally bought a Roomba...I've been coveting this little robot vacuum for MONTHS and finally broke down and got one during a crazy awesome President's Day sale last week.  It arrived earlier this week and we had way too many things going on when it arrived so I just got it out of the box last night.  I don't know if it will completely change my life, or the fact that I vacuum 4 million times a week, BUT I know it will help with the dog hair situation on all of the wood floors and for that, I am grateful.


We are nearly finished putting Duke's toddler room together. I'm really hoping to get some pictures of it on the blog next week after his dresser comes in because it's so darn cute and I'm really proud of us for actually completing this the way we envisioned it!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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