All the Happenings: Friday Edition

I was subtly reminded by a sweet family friend and blog-reader the other day that I haven't been posting much lately so I needed to hop on here and at least catch up our virtual family journal with all that's been going on lately.  We have a really fun and jam-packed weekend ahead of is and I'm so excited to get out of the house, watch a TON of basketball, have some solo-time for getting my hair done and some shopping, and even sneak in a date with the hubs.  But before all that fun begins tonight, let's see what we've been up to...


At 16-months old, Duke continues to grow into his big personality and lately he has been an absolute riot.  I forget how much being sick affects him when I'm in the thick of it and think he spends 70% of his time clinging to me like a spider monkey and communicating through a series of points and grunts.  He is such a funny kid and such a happy boy when he's healthy!  He's totally starting to understand just how silly and hilarious he can be and how completely powerless his dad and I are when, for example, he's trying to brush his hair with a cinnamon and sugar bagel and neither one of us can stop laughing long enough to get him to stop.

He absolutely loves being chased and will lay down to prepare for tickles...laughing hysterically before it's even started.  He gives hugs and kisses and has, hands-down, the greatest open-mouth smile on the planet.  His joy is infectious and I am so thankful he's around to brighten my mood when I'm knee-deep in a personal pity-party because of how uncomfortable I am right now. 

Random, but hilarious moment from last weekend at my parent's house.  He walked around with his toy phone and proceeded to talk on the phone while "taking notes" and writing with a pen and paper.  The mimicry is so entertaining and slightly terrifying!


Speaking of uncomfortable, this sweet baby boy is growing fast and furious.  I'm praying he's flipped over but won't be able to confirm if he's still breech or not for another week and a half or so.  Say a little prayer he's flipped on his own!  I've never even thought about what labor would be like with a C-section involved and while I know they are super common, I'd really like things to just happen on their own like they did with Duke. I'm trying not to get too worried or anxious at this point, because I really do think he flipped over a few days after the ultrasound.  However, I also thought he was head-down for weeks when I was poking him {probably in the eye} thinking it was his tush, so I'm giving up the guessing game. Fingers crossed!


35-week pregnancy update:
  • I'm totally waddling
  • I am addicted to cereal and never eat less than 2 bowls per serving
  • Ice cream every night isn't even a choice anymore, totally mandatory
  • My belly is gigantic and often knocks things over
  • My hips feel 100% broken 65% of the time
  • Baby boy moves ALL THE TIME and I love it.  One of my coworkers even saw it the other day because at this point, the whole belly moves.
  • My husband is a saint and gives foot and back massages all the time with little to no grumbling
  • I am SO excited to meet this little man and hope he comes as close to on time as possible! We have my maternity leave planned out to include a week in Colorado in the middle of June and I need to make my 12 weeks stretch until then :)


I finally bought a Roomba...I've been coveting this little robot vacuum for MONTHS and finally broke down and got one during a crazy awesome President's Day sale last week.  It arrived earlier this week and we had way too many things going on when it arrived so I just got it out of the box last night.  I don't know if it will completely change my life, or the fact that I vacuum 4 million times a week, BUT I know it will help with the dog hair situation on all of the wood floors and for that, I am grateful.


We are nearly finished putting Duke's toddler room together. I'm really hoping to get some pictures of it on the blog next week after his dresser comes in because it's so darn cute and I'm really proud of us for actually completing this the way we envisioned it!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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