Theodore Paul : 1 month old!

Hard to believe that just 1 month ago I was impatient and in so much pain, praying I would be meeting my sweet baby boy soon!  This month has been a perfect mix of slow and snuggly days on the couch, complete with lots of coffee and episodes of Gilmore Girls on repeat and lots of outings and adventures to avoid cabin fever. I'm especially thankful we got out a lot in the first few weeks because the weather has been cold and crappy lately and we've been trapped inside.
We have Theo's 1-month checkup on Monday so I won't have stats until then but man oh man this boy has grown! My parents and sister comment every time they see him how much he's changing and I notice it even though I'm with him all day every day.  His little head is clearly growing and his hair can't keep up so he is hilariously bald on top right now.

We are getting more awake time out of our boy and his cries are getting much louder when he's hungry. Thankfully that's about the only time he cries, or when he's overtired, and otherwise he just quietly observes or snoozes away.  Theo is a total snuggler and prefers to be held or in the carrier over his car seat. He pretty much despises his car seat right now and isn't too interested in a pacifier yet so we try to keep car time to a minimum unless he's asleep.  I love this carrier- so easy to put on and get Theo in and allows me to do the dishes, cook, or go on walks, etc. while he happily relaxes. I even gave Duke a bath in the sink one night with Theo in the carrier- the ultimate multi tasking tool!

Lastly, I am so happy to report that breastfeeding is going so well with this nugget. He eats like a champ and it's totally pain free on my end at this point. I love the convenience and the bonding more than anything!  He usually wakes up 2 times at night to eat, with a 4 hour stretch in the beginning and 3 after that. I might feed him around 10p, 2a, and 5a and then he's up for the day at 8a. Not every night is the same at this point but I think we're working our way into a more predictable schedule.  He sleeps in our room in the Rock n Play and I love having him within touching distance + I basically latch him on and lay right back down to close my eyes so it's easier for me to fall asleep when he's done eating.  I really struggle when I don't get enough sleep so this piece is always a priority!

We are loving life as a family of 4 and constantly trying to find a balance that works well for all of us. We know Duke thrives when he gets solid one on one attention so the evenings are always a constant tag team between Dennis and I, shuffling the boys around, playing, eating dinner, baths (not every night) etc. We know things change quickly at this stage so we aren't getting too attached to any specific schedule except for bedtime for Duke {and me if we're being honest!}.

Theo makes life sweeter and we are so happy to call him ours!  I don't want to rush a second but one thing I am so excited for are the sweet baby smiles! We've seen a couple so far but I can't wait for them to become a more regular occurrence.  For now, we get a pretty steady stream of "gun show" poses that always make me smile.  

Love you little squish!

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