Colorado Vacation Part 2

After a busy couple of days, I was really excited for a low key day on Wednesday at my sister's house.  She works from home so she was working during the time but Duke got to play on the swing set, go down the slide into the pool 1000 times and chase Tucker all over the house and yard while Theo hung out and was his usual chill self.  She and my brother-in-law made delicious chicken, shrimp and rice for dinner and by the time we headed home back to Dennis' grandpa's around 9 p.m. we were all pretty wiped out.  

Thursday was the day of Dennis' cousin's wedding.  We also got some sad news about a friend of ours who's father had passed away so we got dressed quickly and went to visit them in the morning. Afterwards we went to our favorite bakery, Gargaro's to get some yummy sandwiches and say hi to one of our favorite families! In true Denver fashion, traffic was pretty bad all day so by the time we got back to Dennis' grandpa's house to get ready, we were RUSHING to get out the door and not be late for the wedding. Thank God for a little rain because the wedding started about 15 minutes late so we made it just in time to get settled into our seats and say hi to family. The wedding was beautiful and I totally cried with 'Butterfly Kisses' started playing and the wedding party made their way down the aisle. 
We had a wonderful time at the reception and danced and chatted with family and friends all night. Duke was a total champ and remained in a good mood despite being totally exhausted.  Theo had no issue being passed around or just hanging out his carseat checking out all the activity.  They both were asleep within seconds of being in the car on the way home!

Friday was another low key day with breakfast at my mother-in-law's, lunch with one of my favorite friends Kristin, and dinner with Dennis' best friend Terry, his wife Lori and kiddos. Fun fact: I lived with Kristin when I first moved to Denver for a quick month when I was looking for a job. She and I became fast friends and despite hardly ever seeing each other anymore, she is one of my favorite people to sit and chat with! I "unofficially" officiated her wedding in Costa Rica a couple years ago and it was hands down my favorite vacation ever.   

On Saturday we all slept in until 9 and it was GLORIOUS!  We got up and went to breakfast with Dennis' dad and little sister almost immediately after waking up, nursing makes me STARVING in the morning! I quickly packed and got ready for my sister's baby shower while they hung out with the boys back at the house and then my mom and sister picked me up so we could head north for the party!  Duke got to play in his great grandpa Dennis' super cool Thunderbird and he LOVED it. Theo and I hung out for about an hour and a half at the shower before Dennis and Duke came to get us so we could hit the road.  We didn't leave town until around 4:15 in the afternoon and pulled into our driveway around 2:30 a.m. I want to do a post soon about road tripping with little ones because I've gotten a lot of shocked looks from people lately when I say how often we make the trip!  I think Duke has done it 5 or 6 times now in his short life! 

We really had the BEST week.  Sitting in Denver traffic reminds me just how thankful I am that we moved but I really hope to make a week long trip a summer tradition.  There will always be quick weekends and holidays but it was fantastic to get to spend some real time with family and friends and not feel completely rushed. 
Happy Friday Friends! My thoughts on returning to work coming at you early next week! :)

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