Five on Friday- Let the Madness Begin!

Is anyone else shocked that it's the middle of March!?  I feel like time has been absolutely flying lately.  Just another thing that makes me so thankful to be home each day with my ever-growing baby boy.  OH and March = Basketball Madness.   Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Last time we won the championship was my sophomore year at KU in 2008 and I have a good feeling we can do it again this year!

Enough rambling...let's jump into my 5 for the day!

1-  Memory Lane

I was digging back in my blog archives earlier this week and found this post and I couldn't help but smile.  One of my favorite things about having this blog, regardless of how often I update it, is being able to look back at our lives over the years.  What were we excited about in December 2013? The beach of course!  And our wedding countdown was in full swing.  I love looking back on so many awesome memories and reliving the excitement leading up to our wedding.  I must admit though, this season of life is so much better!

2- St. Patrick's Day!

We had to do a little celebrating in honor of my feast day yesterday!  Fun Fact- My parents thought I was a boy when my mom was pregnant with me and they had planned to name me Patrick.  When I was born, they figured Patricia would work just as well and both were family names so win/win. 

I met up with my awesome friend Ashley at Old Chicago for lunch so we could watch the KU game and have a drink in honor of St. Patrick's day!  Duke was a champ the whole 3 hours we were there and Ashley finally got some snuggles from him.  The last time she saw him, he was smack dab in the middle of a super clingy mama-only phase so I was thrilled when he was eager to snuggle up and sit with her.

Duke had so much fun at lunch + story time earlier in the day, so he was exhausted by the time evening rolled around.  Poor guy fell asleep in the living room more than an hour before his normal bedtime and barely woke up to eat before bed.  P.S.  The 4 month sleep regression is kicking my butt! Thank god he is so sweet and smiley in the mornings and loves to cuddle with me while I chug a cup of coffee and magically turn human again. 

3- March Madness- Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

I wasn't much of a college basketball fan before college, but when I got to KU, I was hooked!  I think it's illegal to go to the University of Kansas and not be a basketball fan.  It was SO MUCH FUN when they won the championship in 2008 and I really hope we can pull off another championship this year!  Yesterday was only round 1 but the win still feels good and I can't wait for the rest of the tournament!

Rock Chalk booty

4- Teething Toys

Duke is a teething maniac and his two bottom teeth ARE SO SHARP.  He wants to put everything in his mouth, including my fingers, and letmetellyou that boy has left his mark on far too many of my digits.  These toys are our favorite right now and Duke seems to enjoy them as much as my hands.

Octopus // Teething Ring // Teether // Superman Teether // Sophie the Giraffe // Bendy Ball

5-  Upstairs Circus

I am SO EXCITED to go to Upstairs Circus tonight to celebrate one of my friend's birthdays.  My sister is coming over to babysit Duke and Dennis and I are meeting up with a group of friends for what is sure to be a really fun night!  I'll post next week about what we decided to build and our experience so any of you local Denverites can go check it out!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and cheers to the weekend!


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