Upstairs Circus a.k.a. Drinking and Using Hammers!

I mentioned in this post that I was going to a place called Upstairs Circus in downtown Denver for a friends birthday.  I also told you I'd let you know how the place was the following week.  Sometimes I lie.  So today I am here to tell you all about our experience at Upstairs Circus...and in case you don't care about the cement coasters that I made, I'll tell you right now this place is a lot of fun and I highly recommend you visit!

My friend Erica reserved tables for us for her birthday.  I believe there were about 20 of us there.  Basically you walk in, hand over your ID/Credit Card/First Born and they hand you back your ID, a plastic toy and a craft menu.  Wait...didn't I give them all my money a card that will likely get denied if they try to spend more than $73?  Don't worry, they are just making your segue to the bar more convenient.  Once you look over all of your craft choices: leather wallet, leather flask holder w/flask, cement coasters, magnetic bottle opener, string name just a few, you hand over your plastic toy {unless you're Dennis and want to steal yours} and get your craft making kit!  I literally got to MIX CEMENT.  This place is legit.

They have a full bar and I definitely recommend pacing yourself if you do a craft that involves hammering 23415098 nails into a wooden board so you can make some nifty string art.  It could get dangerous, is all I'm saying.
We drank, we crafted, we laughed, we wished we had used the stencils they provided, and we all in all had a fantastic time.  We were there for about 4 hours and the staff was crazy friendly and helpful.  They never made us feel rushed and they didn't act annoyed when we tried to get them to finish our projects for us.  {In case you're worried about where Duke was during all of this chaos...don't be. He was at home spending quality time with auntie Jen :)}

I'm not terribly artistic so I really should've paid more attention to the stencils provided, but I still like my homemade coasters!  Even if they look like my 5 year old niece painted them.  That part gets covered up annnyway.  Dennis and his friend Tim killed it with the magnetic bottle openers!  If you're looking for something fun and different to do in Denver, go get drinking crafting!

Happy Wednesday!


*Menu photos from Upstairs Circus website.
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